Video Bonanza: featuring Correatown, Emil Friis, Call the Doctor, Bat for Lashes, Beaux Saunders and more!

The sun is here! To celebrate we’re back with another video roundup, often as surprising as the British weather but always blooming great. Starting with...

Call the Doctor! The Riot inspired act release their debut album Hands Will Shake today and to celebrate the Bristol band have conjured up a video for their track “Closer to Home”.

Matching the cinematic direction better known for Maximo Park with charged indie pop that rubs shoulders with Evans the Death, like the album the single is out now on Glasstone Records.

Emil Friis’ PR pimp his new video as a classic piece of film noir, and they’re right - with this kind of direction you may as well be watching a short narrative. Soundtracked by Emil’s fabulous “Sand in your Eyes”, the piece is nothing short of spectacular.

From a woman in 60s gear demolishing her hotel room to another stylish outlet: this time from the wonderful Straylings, who have set their velveteen song “Arcadian Moon” to cutting documentary clips of the Middle East.

The video was concocted by filmmaker Nick Middleton.

The Welcome Wagon have recorded a live rehearsal video of “Remedy”, originally performed by David Crowder - displaying the charming effects of Vito and Monique Aiuto’s vocal without putting too much emphasis on the fact that the former is a Presbyterian minister!

Precious Remedies against Satan’s Devices, the Welcome Wagon’s second album, is out in the UK this month.

Rising up through the ranks faster than they can spell their own name, Spector recently launched an attack on YouTube with their video for “Never Fade Away” – depicting a post Cheerios apocalypse complete with Japanese subtitles.

The song is taken from the band’s forthcoming debut Enjoy It While It Lasts, due out August 13th, and will be overplayed on dancefloors near you soon.

A new favourite of DrunkenWerewolf, Correatown will release their album Pleiades on Highline Records this August 27th, but not before they win over your heart with their High Places meets The Blow style pop.

Check out their video for single “Further” below.

We’ve all seen this by now I’m sure? Bat for Lashes is back with her new single “Laura”, taken from her highly anticipated third album The Haunted Man. Delving into the same pot as “Siren Song”, it’s no wonder fans already love it.

The Haunted Man is due out October 15th.

Beaux Saunders knows when she’s on to a good thing, and perhaps that’s why she’s still riding high on the sound of “Ain’t That Beautiful”. The London singer-songwriter has put together an Alice in Wonderland style video for her song, perfectly suited and well worth a watch.


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