Top 10 Campfire Songs

Campfire songsLet's not underestimate the skill involved in writing the perfect campfire song. It's a fine art. Whether you want to cajole your fellow campers into a sense of security or replicate a fireside ghost story to the tune of a well strung acoustic guitar, one thing is for sure: you'll need a great singalong chorus, a Brownies-style melody, and plenty of ammo to stick another marshmallow onto toast.

...And what if you're taking on the wilderness without a musician who can perform indie hits and rarities on demand? Thanks to non-essential but very well received leaps in technology, portable speakers are no longer something to spark the fear of God into a camper's eye. Begone, multipacks of batteries and crackly antennae! Music fans the UK over can now enjoy a campfire song or two in perfect audio.

Our weapon of choice? Thanks to the kind folk over at Sony, DrunkenWerewolf HQ is now kitted out with an SRS-XB40 Sony speaker. This Bluetooth-friendly piece of equipment can hook up to any iPhone, Mac or iPad without actually hooking up, to provide a no-strings-attached experienced. If your smartphone doesn't come from the world of Apple, there's a headphone jack that works wonders on a Samsung etc. Once you're connected, this wireless speaker has multiple functions including extra bass and killer clarity. However, by far the best is its ability to light up in time to the music it plays. In the context of a campfire song, this is very handy indeed.

Now that you're connected and Sony is ready to light up your world/tent, what are you going to listen to? DrunkenWerewolf to the rescue! Below, we've compiled 10 of the best campfire songs to listen to in the depths of the night...

Listen to our favourite campfire songs below:


10// Tristen - Save Raina

It's highly unlikely your best mate will know this on the guitar, but it's perfect for a campfire country catch-up. Founder of Pupsnake Records and sometime touring partner with Jenny Lewis, you can find out more about Tristen here.


9// Elliott Smith - Somebody That I Used to Know

What's a night in the dark without a little Elliott Smith to keep you company? There are plenty of tracks the late great could contribute to a campfire singalong, but "Somebody That I Used to Know" is one of his best known, so it's less likely you'll have to teach everyone the lyrics if you go with this one.


8// Lucy Dacus - Dream State

Not strictly acoustic, but it fills the awkward silences like a pro. Lucy Dacus's "Dream State" belongs to her debut album No Burden, and it's a corker. Watch yourself mumble these lyrics well past everyone's bedtime.


7// Laura Marling - Alas I Cannot Swim

A singalong that even the sleepiest of your friends can join in with, Laura Marling used to close her live sets with this hidden track from her debut album, and it's clear to hear why - it calls out for an encore.


6// Big Thief - Mythological Beauty

Because anyone sane has now listened to this enough times to know the lyrics off by heart, right? Big Thief will return in style with a new album via Saddle Creek Records this June, and "Mythological Beauty" leads the pack. Americana meets classic rock, just the way the campfire likes it.


5// Villagers - Twenty Seven Strangers

Campfire songs are all about the livin', and this song documents a not so normal day in the life of Villagers' front man Conor O'Brien. Beautifully simple.


4// Bright Eyes - First Day of My Life

Another singer-songwriter who knows how to turn the everyday into something extraordinary, "First Day of My Life" may be over a decade old, but it clearly deserves a place on this list.


3// Caitlin Rose - Own Side

Where oh where has Caitlin Rose gone to? The Nashville-based singer-songwriter has gone quiet but for a collab or two, but the one-time DrunkenWerewolf favourite always makes a comeback whenever anyone strikes a light near our tent.


2// Patrick Wolf - Land's End

We know all the words. You know all the words. It only involves a ukelele. Enough said.


1// Rilo Kiley - More Adventurous

A common theme throughout this campfire songs playlist is life: life and its limits, life and its loves, and life and its many rollercoasters. This Rilo Kiley classic has it all by the bucket loads.


Disclaimer: Sony very kindly sent us the SRS-XB30 speaker to test out in exchange for an honest review on our website.

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