Top 10 Songs to Help You Form an Opinion on Brexit

BrexitThere was a time when ‘Brexit’ was just something nice to put on toast as an alternative to Marmite, but now its meaning has been drastically re-appropriated.

If you haven't heard of the possible British exit from Europe by now, then that’s ok, this a forum free of judgement. As with most important political and socioeconomic issues, all that really matters for us as a people is to find a song, or make a soundtrack, that remedies any concerns we have.

So, until we get a Brexit version of “Do They Know It’s Christmas”, accompanied by slow motion footage of a sad, jowly Boris Johnson, you can go ahead and find comfort in the list below. It will hopefully give you a better idea of which way to vote and quell any doubts you’re having.

Below we list our Top 10 Songs to help you form an opinion on the Brexit conundrum.

10// Tame Impala - Feels Like We Only Go Backwards

Maybe it feels like no matter what we do, we only go backwards. Can we ever win? Maybe you like baguettes, but you don’t love them. If you found yourself nodding along to that last sentence, and you’re still unsure as to what you think Britain should do, maybe you should consider casting your vote to the ‘exit’ pile. Then again, you did get a B in German at GCSE, so maybe your vote is destined for the ‘stay’ pile. Decided which of the two is more important and go for it.

9// LCD Soundsystem - Daft Punk Is Playing At My House

Daft Punk will never play at your house again if Britain leaves the EU. The French are all about camaraderie, and people who walk away from things and only ‘like’ baguettes don’t make good comrades at all. The most important thing to ask yourself here is whether you can imagine a world without electronic music or not. Answer this and you will have a pretty good idea of how you see things going in Britain’s future.

8// Frank Ocean - There Will Be Tears

Whatever happens, you will probably feel sad, which you should definitely take note of. Let Frank Ocean take the pain away and do the crying for you, you need to focus and weigh the pros and cons. Which pile feels heavier? More importantly, which pile have you put ‘Less Absinthe’ in? Answer these questions and both you and Frank Ocean will have a pretty good idea of how to vote, he might even pick you up himself and drive you to the polling station.

7// Kanye West feat. Syleena Johnson - All Falls Down

Depending on what decision you make, the bad things will be very much your fault. Are you mentally ready for that? Kanye West has never lied, so you can guarantee there will be times when it seems like everything's going wrong. When this happens, find people who voted the same way as you and stick with them, you’re going to need the support.

6// Gross Magic - Yesterdays

You will most likely think of all the yesterdays that came before the day you made a decision. Things will have definitely felt different, but is it a bad different or a good different? Play “Yesterdays” by Gross Magic at full volume and take the leap into a big pile of leave or a big pile of stay.

5// London O’Connor - Nobody Hangs Out Anymore

We will all certainly be divided afterwards, whichever way the decision swings. Do yourself a favour now and say goodbye to mummy, daddy and all of your friends and start joining Internet forums full of like-minded people who have the same opinions as you. Share political memes and make vines of your life post referendum. Nobody will hangout outside of the Internet, so establish a new platform for yourself where you can be seen and heard.

4// Chelsea Wolfe - They’ll Clap When You’re Gone

Will it be a clap of excitement that we’re no longer around, or a clap of admiration for our independent attitude? Chelsea Wolfe succinctly addresses both sides of this. Imagine what a clap from each country in the EU would sound like. Do you hear a heavy-handed sarcastic Clap from the Germans, or a fiesta fuelled cacophony of castanets from Spain? All of this means something, and you better decide what that meaning is exactly before it's time for you to vote.

3// Brian Eno - Another Green World

In the grand scheme of things, “Another Green World” is brief. It's almost over before it's even begun, much like our time here on Earth. But, short as it is, it doesn't mean there's no point. Every action you take has a consequence, and Brian Eno’s ready to help you evaluate your actions. On which side does the grass seem greener? Is there any grass growing at all on the sides you’re imagining? Make sure to decide before you vote.

2// Paul Desmond - Glad To Be Unhappy

It’s important to remember to find the good in everything. There will be things you like and things you don't like about the referendum. For example, Donald Trump most likely won’t be there on the day to hold your hand, but do you consider that a good thing or a bad thing? Be happy that you can act on your emotions and make a difference. No matter what you're feeling, at least you're feeling something, which is the first rule of politics.

1// The Beatles - Tomorrow Never Knows

Do we really know what tomorrow will bring? In this instance, apart from years of quantifiable data and exit polls, we can't really tell. Ultimately, it is of course up to you which way you cast your vote, just don’t waste it and make sure to consult this list regularly if you have any doubts.


One Response to “Top 10 Songs to Help You Form an Opinion on Brexit”

  1. David Butterfield 26/06/2016 at 12:14 pm #

    Adding a song after the vote – ‘Talking Brexit – Über Brexit Reden’ Michel Montecrossa’s New-Topical-Song apropos British ‘no’ to Europe
    Michel Montecrossa says about his New-Topical-Song ‘Talking Brexit – Über Brexit Reden’:
    “Brexit is totally wrong. Brexit is a crime against the future of the young. My New-Topical-Song ‘Talking Brexit – Über Brexit Reden’ takes a stand for this future and the future of a growing EU of strength and unity opening the doors to Eurasia with its great potential for free trade, jobs and prosperity that a powerful spirit of Human Unity can set free.“

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