Top 10 Artists Found on LiveJournal

LiveJournalLiveJournal: the source of all new musical discoveries. Does it seem hard to imagine? You're not alone. These days the social networking site is a shadow of its former self and, by the looks of it, resigned to Russian fanfic. But back in 2005, the blog was propelled by discussions across the platform and fed through copious downloads from now-defunct or spam riddles boards (alongside a healthy slice of Myspace trawling).

One of the best outcomes of this musical journey was mingling with passionate users from across the world. It was effortlessly easy to get to grips with DIY scenes and bedroom artists you would never have heard of otherwise - and no matter how established or obvious the band may seem to a reader in 2017, to a teenager whose only other avenues for discovery were mainstream magazines and the occasional support slot, the revelations were taste-affirming. It's fair to say DrunkenWerewolf wouldn't be what it is today if it weren't for Livejournal.

So, who exactly are we talking about? Below, we look at 10 of the artists we've found thanks to LiveJournal.

Bright Eyes


In 2004, a healthy slice of coverage in the press and widespread attention given to Bright Eyes ahead of the release of Digital Ash in Digital Urn/I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning was supplemented by already feverous coverage on LiveJournal. End result? Everyone was happy to splurge on a double album release the following year - including us.

Rilo Kiley


A firm favourite found through the network; Rilo Kiley was riding high on the fumes of More Adventurous when we found them in 2005, and 2002's breakthrough The Execution of All Things continued to ignite interest. The Cali band's rule over the music boards of LJ remained strong until the relative demise of the site, and the release of Under the Black Light which coincided in 2007.

Broken Social Scene


As a band who formed in 1999, Broken Social Scene already had one hell of a back catalogue under their collective belt by the time we got to them. In fact, the thought of approaching the act as a new fan was somewhat intimidating. Fortunately, LiveJournal came to the rescue with dozens of established fans who were willing to spread the love with unofficial Best Of playlists.

Ted Leo and the Pharmacists


Another musician whose long history of recording music makes falling in love a daunting prospect; unlike many of the bands on this list, the work of Ted Leo and the Pharmacists continues to fly under the radar for many. Well, it's time to impart some LiveJournal-shaped knowledge. Give 'em a listen below.

Elliott Smith


Talking of overwhelming back catalogues - there is no-one better known for his prolific output than Elliott Smith. The ever-helpful folks of LiveJournal cerca 2003 got us onto the artist hook, line, and sinker... Though unfortunately, in memorandum. He died October 2003.

The Victorian English Gentlemens Club


There was a very confusing time when tags for The Victorian English Gentlemens Club's demos were confused with tags for Klaxons' demos in Winamp (yes, Winamp). Consequently, we spent a good year mistaking one band for the other. But no more! With VEGC's self-titled debut album released in 2006, the Cardiff act became permanent and clear fixtures on our essentials list.

Wolf Parade


All hail Wolf Parade! Maybe our most cherished finding on LiveJournal, random songs from Apologies to the Queen Mary floated onto our periphery through the site's boards. Though it was the release of sophomore album At Mount Zoomer in 2008 that cemented our love, we still owe LJ a nod for its initial push towards the four-piece.

The New Pornographers


Having recently made a comeback with Whiteout Conditions and a fab new single of the same name, it's a pleasure to include Vancouver band The New Pornographers on this list. Their 2000 release Mass Romantic was a few years old by the time we sunk our teeth into it via LiveJournal, but it was still a revelation. Organ, synth, and guitar blended into a glorious concoction of indie pop that stole our heart immediately.

Architecture in Helsinki


A criminally underrated country in terms of the exposure given to its music scene, we hooked up with countless Australian LiveJournal users in the mid-00s to discover their hometown heroes. No matter how lo-fi their tastes, they all shared a mutual appreciation for one band: Architecture in Helsinki. "Do the Whirlwind" will tell you why.

Los Campesinos!


...And to end with a band whose fanship on LiveJournal grew into fanship everywhere - it's hard to believe we found Los Campesinos! through a social networking site, considering their proximity to home and the attention they received in NME et al when they first began. No lies - that was the case.

What's the modern-day equivalent of LiveJournal? Let us know how you network with music fans below!


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