Other Ones to Watch in 2019 Tips That Aren’t So Bad

Nilüfer YanyaWhen we released our official Ones to Watch in 2019, we promised a run through of the artists we've found through other countdowns. Y'know, the diamonds in the rough; the mainstream fodder that's not too bad; artists who might well survive the hype that's currently surrounding them.

This turn of events marks a change for DW which usually leans towards the critical. This year for our mental health and the enjoyment of those around us, we're trying to be a bit more positive. Feel free to slap our wrists if we stray.

So, have at it. Here are the artists to love that we've found through other Ones to Watch in 2019 articles. We'd encourage you to click through the links if you find someone you love because these sites don't get enough track already and we're having a lazy Sunday.

Think we've missed someone? Let us know in the comments below!

Arlo Parks

Featured on: The Independent, MSN (though they seem to have literally copied the Indie word-for-word hum)


Featured on: Amazon Music

Jade Bird

Featured on: DSCVR 2019 (Billboard & Vevo), MTV Push, Youtube Music

L Devine

Featured on: The Independent, Youtube Music, MSN (as above)

Nilüfer Yanya

Featured on: The Independent (extra props: we forgot Nilüfer off our own, oops!), MSN (copy-cats), The 405

Pillow Queens

Featured on: The Independent, MSN (you've got it by now)

Rosie Carney

Featured on: The 405


Featured on: The 405


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  1. Rohit 30/05/2019 at 10:34 pm #

    These are such an Amazing list. Great Collection.

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