Ones to Watch at Camden Rocks 2016

Camden Rocks 2016There are three things that happen in Camden, without fail, every summer.

Number one; someone you know will fall into Regents Canal. Number two; you will not be able to find a seat on the roof of the Lock Tavern, or in the garden at Edinburgh Castle, or literally anywhere in the Hawley Arms, and, number three; Ginger Wildheart will be somewhere on the bill for Camden Rocks.

Every year. You could set your clocks by it.

This year’s Camden Rocks headliners are The Cribs, with Wildheart, Carl Barat and the Jackals, and Billy Bragg getting second billing. We may joke (and I do, every year, that’s another thing that always happens in summer) about Ginger Wildheart always playing Camden Rocks, but the thing is that the system works. Camden Rocks is designed for people who regularly attend either the hugely successful Jubilee Club at Barfly or Camden Rocks Club at Underworld. The festival features approximately 200 bands at Camden’s most iconic venues, and includes in its line-up many acts that have been linked to the Borough in some way or another. At its heart it embodies many of the things that give Camden itself its personality. It is local, crowded, and more than a little bit rock and roll. Camden Rocks has also consistently done what the area itself tends to do – it gives the up-and-comers solid ground to stand on. The line up features big names while also providing ample opportunity for people to catch bands that may be sorely overlooked on the national festival circuit. With that in mind, here’s DrunkenWerewolf’s list of Ones to Watch at Camden Rocks 2016.


Sisters Edie Langley and Gita Harcourt make dark pop music with an electronic bent. Their first single “Click” is a rich track that looks at a destructive relationship as though through a smoky room. Langley and Harcourt trade velvet, predatory vocals that bring to mind the David Lynch films they have previously cited as influences. Having grown up performing together it is clear that the sisters know how to work in tandem to bring out the best in one another, and their set is sure to be well crafted.

Cub Sport

Indie pop band Cub Sport first appeared on the Australian music scene in 2011. Since then they have self-released two EPs, before signing with Nettwerk to release their debut album This Is Our Vice earlier this year. They are currently touring the UK supporting fellow Australian heavyweights The Rubens, and have scheduled a few sideshows of their own. Their latest single “Come On Mess Me Up” is a summer night’s dream, with emotional lyrics and the kind of chorus that typically has hands reaching for the peak of the festival tent – or in this case, the pub ceiling.


Asylums are old hands at Camden Rocks after performing last year, but with their debut album now available to pre-order the Southend garage rockers have it all to play for. Their current single “Missing Persons” is reminiscent of the riff-heavy skate rock of the early 90s, with lyrics like “let’s go missing and then start over, in a different place that’ll get you high.” Asylums are writing music for outsiders reared on Froot Loops and Power Rangers, which will no doubt strike a chord with the twenty-something contingent in the Camden Rocks crowd.

Saint Leonard's Horses

You may recognise Saint Leonard’s alter ego Kieran Leonard as the “Cobain-esque comrade” who took the stage with Carl Barat and co. during the height of the London Indie. After a critically acclaimed album and last years’ epic single “The Greatest Show on Earth”, Leonard disappeared and resurfaced in the Mojave Desert having had a transformative spiritual experience. His first single under the more holy moniker, “Rise Up”, is the kind of rock and roll hymn a modern day Count Dracula might write. We’ll be interested to see his new incarnation perform in his old stomping ground.

Black Foxxes

Exeter three-piece Black Foxxes have declared their intent to “play what comes naturally… As loud as possible” and so far they’ve not disappointed. After a storming appearance at The Great Escape and with their previous single “Husk” on rotation at BBC Radio One, the band are gathering momentum and are soon to be an unstoppable force. With Camden acting as the proverbial immovable object, things are going to get loud. Their current single “I’m Not Well” features emotional, throat-scraping vocals that may cause the much abused roof at The Dublin Castle to finally lift off.

Find out more about Camden Rock 2016 and see the full billing here.


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