Glastonbury 2016 Headliners: Then And Now

Glastonbury 2016It's undeniable that Glastonbury doesn't need good headliners to be a great festival. But what's happened to the Glastonbury 2016 headliners? I hate to ring the same bell that’s dragged out every year, along the lines of "Glastonbury used to be a rock festival" etc - that argument is so tiresome, it hurts. But at least good headliners are usually a given? This year, however, looks like my mum's dream line up - middle of the road, easy listening. Comparing the headliners to previous years is enough to make you shed a tear for the looming death of Glastonbury's edge.

Friday: Muse

With a video that looked like it was put together by a 9 year old, and some stunning text overlays, Muse announced they were headlining the festival for the third time. Third. Are Muse still relevant? I’ll leave that up to your own discretion. David Bowie, Paul McCartney and Oasis have previously performed on the Friday, all backed with massive popularity and infamous reputation - not to mention classic songs that have stood the test of time. Are Muse now the closest band we have to a legendary booking?


Saturday: Adele

Adele has to be the most unsurprising booking on the bill this year, having been the bookies favourite for months. Perhaps I’m being harsh but Adele isn’t a festival performer, rather one to watch at a large stadium from a comfortable seat. Last year saw the contentious Kanye slot, in the traditional Glastonbury-controversial-booking style. People that didn't even like Kanye could at least expect an entertaining and unusual performance with the usual Kanye attitude that we’ve grown to love. I’m not so sure Adele can fill those boots.


Sunday: Coldplay

Entertaining mums and 12 year olds for what feels like centuries, Coldplay don't give up. This will be their fifth headline performance at Glastonbury, breaking the record for most headline performances at the UK festival. Considering their renowned naffness, it seems odd to have them filling the Sunday slot for the fifth time when so many great bands have closed the festival previously. To name a few, there’s been The Cure, Chemical Brothers and, last year, The Who. Historically, the final night has always rounded up the festival nicely so by sticking to conservative acts, I guess they’ve done well there.


It seems a shame to end the festival on such a dull note. But saying that, the whole line up is unusually conventional. Not one surprise or eccentric act on the bill this year, so what does it say about the festival? Is Glastonbury 2016 past it? Probably not. But I’m hoping they’ll pull something special out the bag when 22nd June 2016 comes around.


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