Five Women Who Are Going to Own Parklife 2017

Parklife 2017Manchester's Parklife festival is no stranger to big names, but even they may have outdone themselves this year. What other inner-city festival could boast acts the size of Rag 'n' Bone Man, Armand van Helden, and Anderson .Paak outside the top 20 acts on the bill? Who else could have just casually announced, as an aside, that Run the Jewels have been added to the Sunday line-up? They're not even headliners! (Assuming that we're still on for Frank Ocean - and we've got everything crossed for that.)

You already know those acts are going to be great, but the talent runs deeper in this line-up. So in true DrunkenWerewolf style, we've identified five women who we reckon are going to absolutely ruin the competition at Parklife 2017. 


5// Maya Jane Coles

Maya Jane Coles has been killing it since 2010 when her breakthrough What They Say EP launched a tidal wave of 'most playlisted' nominations and awards, and it's barely let up since - especially after that early release's title track was sampled by Nicki Minaj in 2014. The London-born DJ writes, produces, engineers, arranges, mixes and performs every element of her tracks; like an electronic Grimes, Coles even occasionally designs her own artwork. Her 2013 debut Comfort featured guests ranging from Bristol's very own Tricky (she'd already remixed Massive Attack in her early days) to Nadine Shah; expect a mixture of sampled voices played out over dubby elements and mountains of sub bass.


:4// Nadia Rose

Fresh out of Croydon and into the BBC's Sound of 2017 shortlist, Nadia Rose is making herself comfortable on bills like this. "Skwod" is by far her most playful and addictive track from recent debut Highly Flammable, having already turned up on a Rimmel TV ad.

You might be familiar with her cousin, who's also on the bill this year - a chap called Stormzy.


3// The Japanese House

Another UK act who popped up on the Sound of 2017 nominations, The Japanese House is the solo project of 21-year-old Amber Bain. Crafting lovelorn dream pop that demonstrates an increasingly sharp knack for catchy hooks, Bain also co-produces much of her work with George Daniel, best known as the drummer in Parklife headliners The 1975.


2// EMA

When news broke of a new EMA record on DrunkenWerewolf, the delirious reaction from almost the entire editorial staff suggests that we might just be looking forward to this one. In a relatively staid 2011, Past Life Martyred Saints stood out as an album built around dark corners and the occasional pinpricks of light that shone through; "California" is still one of the best alternative rock songs of the decade.

The Future's Void took her down a scuzzier, more political path, and from the sounds of Exile in the Outer Ring single "Aryan Nation", she's still spraying feedback and angst over heartland America. Can. Not. Wait.


1// The Black Madonna

Marea Stamper - AKA The Black Madonna - came up the hard way: selling mixtapes at raves, moving to Chicago to be closer to the scene she loved, DJing at weekends then going back to her office job. She still has a day job, but now it's working as Creative Director at Chicago's Smart Bar, a venue that opened on 22nd July 1982 with the legendary Frankie Knuckles.

Jackmaster, who's curating 2017's Palm House Stage at Parklife, spoke out earlier this year about misogyny in the industry, identifying the need to call out DJs and producers who believe sexist comments are insulated by their own male privilege. Stamper herself doesn't see the challenges facing modern dance music and modern feminism to be all that different. "Dance music needs riot grrrls," she said. "It needs DJ Sprinkles. Dance music needs discomfort with its euphoria. Dance music needs salt in its wounds. Dance music needs women over the age of 40. Dance needs breastfeeding DJs trying to get their kids to sleep before they have to play. Dance needs cranky queers and teenagers who are really tired of this shit… Dance music does not need more of the status quo."

Now watch the above video and tell me you're not pumped to see this live two days after the General Election. We are.


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