Five Albums for 2014

Five Albums for 2014Over the next few months a good handful of DrunkenWerewolf favourites will release material to see in the New Year. On top of that seasoned musicians and favoured up and coming bands will join the furore, bringing to the masses the songs they’ve been working hard on for the past few months. In fact with so many lined up for January, February and March, readers are in danger of being spoiled for choice.

Here at DrunkenWerewolf we’re particularly excited about a handful of releases coming out over the course of the next few months. Some of them we’re sure you’ll already be acquainted with; others might have slipped underneath your radar. That’s why we’ve put together this short but sweet list. These are the albums to watch in our books – the records that we hope will be remembered in twelve months time, all going to plan. They’re our Five Albums for 2014.


Five Albums for 2014Jesca Hoop – Undress

Our favourite artist of 2012 and arguably all time will return in 2014 with her new album Undress.

The third studio full length from Jesca Hoop was funded through Pledge, as per her 2013 release Kismet Acoustic (left), and already has an ever-so-tempting trailer video to its name. In the clip Hoop proves her worth with a poetic narrative that also underlines her mission statement: “a six string warrior”, she’s ready to bring her message to world once more.

Jesca’s 2012 album The House That Jack Built is just so flipping amazing it’s impossible to overlook this release. We’re really, really psyched for Undress and we’re already clearing a space in our Top Ten Albums of 2014. Roll on 3rd February 2014, when it’ll be released through Jesca’s own label!

Oh go on, have another.


Five Albums for 2014Whales in Cubicles – Death in the Evening

Already with a stronghold over our hearts, Whales in Cubicles will test the rocky seas of January in more ways than one with their debut album Death in the Evening.

The London based band has continued to impress throughout 2013 with a slew of songs, singles and a handful of Bristol tour dates under their belt already. Early contender “We Never Win” features on Death in the Evening, alongside “Disappear”, “Nowhere Flag” and the DrunkenWerewolf premiered “Wax & Feathers”. All in all the album’s guaranteed to cause a fuss in DW HQ, but a lack of coverage elsewhere means it’s in danger of slipping the majority by. Make sure you’re the right side of the line.

Death in the Evening is due out on 27th January 2014 on CLUB.THE.MAMMOTH and can be pre-ordered digitally from Amazon.


Five Albums for 2014Thumpers – Galore

New Sub Pop signees Thumpers featured high on our Tips for 2014 list and promise to deliver with their debut album Galore.

Completed for over a year, the album’s already spawned singles in the form of “Unkinder (A Tougher Love)” and the more recent “Sound of Screams”. The London band has also had plenty of time to cement the songs on stage, having supported CHVRCHES and Everything Everything in 2013. In February the duo will tour again, this time as a headline with Pawws supporting their Manchester and Bristol dates. We’ll see you down the front!

Galore is due for release on 11th February 2014 through Sub Pop Records.


Five Albums for 2014MØ - No Mythologies to Follow

It’s hard to believe the Nordic hair-swinging Queen has yet to release her debut album, but No Mythologies to Follow is still brewing on the backseat of record stores across the country, ready for its release this February.

Of those on our list MØ’s the least in need of exposure. That doesn’t make her any less deserving. Through cider adverts and Vice coverage she’s prevailed, touting her 90s pop meets Denmark meltdown all the way. No Mythologies to Follow threatens to expose all, with a frightening 20 tracks penned for its playlist. Among the more familiar of tracks is Diplo’s “XXX 88”, “Pilgrim” and “Waste of Time”, alongside fan favourites “Glass” and “Maiden”.

No Mythologies to Follow is due out 24th February 2014 through RCA.


Marika Hackman by Pip for Dirty Hit RecordsMarika Hackman - ???

Okay, okay; we’re jumping the gun a bit. Marika Hackman has yet to announce the name of her debut album, let alone its release date. However with word that she’s currently focusing on its content, the full length is sure to see the light of day in 2014.


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  1. Ryan 06/01/2014 at 7:56 am #

    So glad to see Jesca Hoop featured here!

  2. Janice Marie Foote 19/01/2014 at 5:25 pm #

    Yes on Marika Hackman!!! Though seriously yuck video!!! accompanied by a very lovely song 😀

    p.s. already love Jesca Hoop’s music!!!

  3. Air jordan 4 22/01/2015 at 7:18 pm #

    Asian: 1,077

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