Farmfest 2017: This Is The Kit’s Ultimate Road Trip Playlist

FarmFest 2017 - This Is The Kit

Farmfest 2017 is upon us once more, and of all the artists we're buzzing about - Oliver Wilde, BC Camplight, Goan Dogs, and the legendary Roots Manuva, to name but a few - we might just be looking forward to local heroes This Is The Kit the most.

The DrunkenWerewolf cassette deck is starting to wear out, so we figured a new road trip playlist was in order, and the band were happy to oblige. "

Says Kate Stables of the following tacks: "Most of these I've chosen with a mind to being on tour and heading to gigs and new places. So the road trip is a recurring theme here, the comforting repetitions to be found in being on the road and listening to music." 

We're on board.

1// Francis Bebey - Sanza Tristesse

One of my favourite songs at the moment. Such hypnotic music and such beautiful singing. I listen to this song on loop for hours on end. A total loop-the-loop job.

2// The Evil Usses - Pre-Op Pop

Incredibly great band from Bristol, and for me this track is particularly well suited to a road trip. When I hear it I feel like I'm on my way somewhere.

3// Morning Star - Rainboland

One of my very favourite versions of one of my very favourite Morning Star songs. It's from a compilation put out by the Bristol-based label Sink and Stove, back in 2004 I believe.

4// Paul Bradley - One of My Favourite Weathers

An incredible musician who made an incredible album not so long ago called Banish Cherish. This is one of its many gems. The piano, singing, chords and melody - I could listen to this forever I think. Another loop-the-loop special.

5// Get The Blessing - Quiet

Such a beautiful piece of music. The playing, the rhythms and the feeling between all the musicians that you get from this recording, I just love it. It just takes me somewhere else completely. Another really good one for listening to when you're on the road, going somewhere but also nowhere. It really sorts me out, this one!

6// Rachael Dadd - Tap the Sap

Rachael is a master at speaking her mind in songs and speaking out about humanity. This song just puts it all so perfectly. For me it's a really inspirational song, especially in these times of political chaos and corrupt media propaganda. It's good to be reminded that it's up to us to do right. And to be honourable. And to be the change we want to see.

7// Francois and the Atlas Mountains - Dessine

Another really great travel song. Such a pleasure to hear as the landscape whizzes by. A song of possibility and adventure.

8// Francois and the Atlas Mountains - Grand Dereglement

Can't get enough of Francois and the Atlas Mountains at the moment! This is the first track on his most recent album and it's a real beauty. Again, it's time to think and for us to be the change that needs to happen.

9// Mina Tindle - Tranta

A song I discovered at the end of last year while working with on a small performance piece, loosely based around Tarentella, with a number of artists - one of whom was Mina Tindle. I love her voice, and the words for me are kind of like a magic spell. When I listen to it I feel like there's a sadness and an optimism at the same time which makes for a real beauty. Really great song.

10// Kidsaredead - Taking a Walk

I find this such an exciting recording. Amazing musicianship all over the place. Kidsaredead are expert at occupying a place of indescribable genre. A total boundary-breaker, such energy and groove. And a total progressive-pop opera trip!

11// Rozi Plain - Red Dot

Total heartbreaker. But peaceful too, when in a contemplative place.

12// Andy Irvine and Paul Brady - Lough Erne Shore

I love the melody and the singing on this track. A song for when you're somewhere far away.

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