6Music’s Top 25 New Acts: Cinnamon Girl

To celebrate 2012’s midway point and remind listeners of the great music this year has already produced, BBC 6Music and The Hype Machine are teaming up with a league of bloggers to announce a countdown of 25 bands sure to set your pants on fire and burn a hole in studio owned office chairs across the country in the next six months. Part of the station’s Now Playing @ 6Music series, the full results will air on Sunday 24th June 6-8pm GMT.

...And guess what? They broadcasters have sensibly included the monster in their group of predictive persons. Bombarded by a small windfall of new music since January, we’ve had a hard time whittling the list down to just three nominations, and have fairly decided to award the limelight to acts we’ve not plugged nationally before. Over the next week, in the run up to the show, we’ll announce the artists we've put forward for consideration.

Our first chosen star in the making is the ever so wonderful Cinnamon Girl, a.k.a. Camilla Roholm; model, producer and self-serving saviour of pop.

Roholm began her career in music at an early age, but it wasn’t until her involvement in former band Little Tremors that the Denmark native hit the blogosphere. Now performing solo under the aforementioned pseudonym, Roholm has an admirably clear idea of who she wants to be, topped by an empowering attitude all too often lacking from her female contemporaries.

A blinding approach towards the music industry isn’t all Roholm has up her sleeve: her songs are pretty darn good too, as “Friends” (available to stream below) proves. Packed with 80s synth and an invasive vocal that borders the power of Grace Jones and Cyndi Lauper, the single was also penned and produced by Roholm and features a seriously catchy hook.

You can read our April interview with Cinnamon Girl here.


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