Top 10 Songs for Halloween 2015

It's no secret Halloween is our favourite time of year. Not only did we found the blog on this hallowed day back in 2005; we've harboured a frightening affiliation with all things creepy crawly ever since then.

By no small coincidence some of our favourite musicians also like to get a little weird sometimes. Over the years we've gathered quite the collection of Halloween songs about Frankenstein cats, open crypts and burst blood vessels - sometimes couped up in silly, often edging towards unconventional, but always undeniably batty. About time, then, we put together a Top 10 of the best songs we've doused in dust already in 2015.

1// Nadine Shah - The Devil

Taken from the Newcastle-via-London singer songwriter's new album Fast Food, "The Devil" offers Nadine Shah in her prime - and a great introduction to any hellish night in or out.

2// Hop Along - Sister Cities

It sounds like an upbeat, West coast inspired ode to the party punk scene: but Philadelphia based band Hop Along are actually singing about horses heads being dredged from the river, dogs dying and an uncle going completely bonkers while surrounded by pretty flowers.

3// PWR BTTM - Kill All Assholes

If you're looking to straight up freak out your worst enemies, PWR BTTM have got your back. Their track "Kill All Assholes" is also perfect for wearing the most fabulous Halloween outfit while screaming its lyrics down your local highstreet at 3am.

4// Dilly Dally - Purple Rage

Or basically any Dilly Dally song, but mainly this one because its tempo compliments throwing things around the room in a mock/serious Igor temper imitation. Also if you have high aspirations for your Halloween 2015 costume, the purple monster in this video is your friend.

5// Lionface - Vampire

Cutting out the cryptic, pseudo-Halloween bullshit and going straight for the kill; Bristol band Lionface hail the greatest monster wrongly done by Hollywood with their epic new single. True fact: someone on Twitter once accused me of naming the blog after the Twilight franchise. I developed PTSD soon afterwards.

6// Aurora - Running With the Wolves

Okay, it's a pop song - but what it lacks in snarled misery it makes up for in lyrics designed to be chanted up to the high moon. Norwegian singer songwriter Aurora released this song towards the beginning of the year, but it's still got a grasp on our heart.

7// JINGO - Ghost in the Machine

A chunky, clunky indie pop treasure - it would be easy to forget this song is about something that goes bump in the night, were it not for the band's seriously creepy video, premiered on DrunkenWerewolf a few months ago here.

8// Flight Brigade - The Phantom

Taking a leaf out of Arcade Fire's book, Flight Brigade are liable to charm the whole world over next year when they release their long awaited debut and by the sounds of it, electro album. In the meantime we'll have to make do with this, a song about a dancing ghost. We're okay with that.

9// New Desert Blues - Rag & Bone

It's the end of the night, the sun's nearly up and your make-up is running down your face/falling off in great clobs of foundation and sweat. But don't worry. New Desert Blues have a song for every occasion.

10// Du Blonde - Hunter

Bringing a healthy dose of glam rock to proceedings, Beth Jeans Houghton's new project Du Blonde offers the perfect night to call it quits - with a quick and likely drunken slow dance to a song that's essentially about hunting down and killing your prey. Night.


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