Live Reviews

The Mountain Goats @ Trinity Centre, Bristol, 17/11/2015
The year is 1985. American professional wrestler Dusty Rhodes faces his arch nemesis Ric Flair for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship. He is def...more
J Fernandez, Porches @ MOTH Club, London, 09/11/2015
Hailing from Chicago, via Little Rock, Arkanasa via Filipino parents, J Fernandez finds himself in the newly revamped ex-forces, ex-trade hall, wateri...more
Idles, Protomartyr, METZ @ Fleece, Bristol, 03/11/2015
Despite their culturally different backgrounds, Idles, Protomartyr and METZ are very similar bands in terms of their circumstances and passion. Sharin...more
Washington Irving, Titus Andronicus @ Thekla, Bristol, 06/11/2015
Whether on form or slightly worse for wear, Titus Andronicus have such a starved, reckless and combustible energy, they always put on a good live sh...more
Joanna Newsom @ Colston Hall, Bristol, 02/11/15
Five long years in the waiting, the release of Divers marked a sweet release for Joanna Newsom fans. Though many were still processing the unfathomabl...more
Destroyer @ Islington Assembly Hall, London, 30/10/15
Dan Bejar has enjoyed what you might describe as an abstract career trajectory. For years he occupied a liminal sort of cult-ish success, before (one ...more
Simple Things 2015 @ Bristol, 24/10/2015
Opening your front door to find a sky full of rain and plenty of puddles already formed on the ground is not ideal, especially when you have a day-lon...more
Simple Things 2015: Godspeed You! Black Emperor @ Colston Hall, Bristol, 23/10/15
A distinct visual lexicon runs through Godspeed You! Black Emperor’s music. Even without the striking visual elements of their live shows, the Mont...more
Spill your pint to The St Pierre Snake Invasion’s debut A Hundred Years A Day
What's the most productive you've been in 72 hours? Is it that time you watched all of the Harry Potter films? What about the time you smashed through...more
The Ordinary Boys @ The Fleece, Bristol, 22/10/15
In fitting with the timeless trend of reunion tours and a more recent 2000’s revival come The Ordinary Boys, who return to Bristol in support of the...more