Live Reviews

Secret Garden Party 2015 @ Abbots Ripton, 23 – 26/07/2015
Secret Garden Party 2015 promises a world of childhood magic and adventure, with a programme emulating a golden era of children’s literature. The bo...more
New Palace Talkies, Rhain @ The Louisiana, Bristol, 29/07/2015
Gathering for a last minute gig from rising Bristol promoter Chiverin, a hoard of local music fans tackle The Louisiana tonight. Of those performing, ...more
Badly Drawn Boy @ St George’s, Bristol, 24/07/2015
There’s understandably a sense of anticipation as audience members await tonight’s performance from Badly Drawn Boy. The one-time chart topping ar...more
Blissfields 2015 @ Hampshire, 02 – 05/07/2015
My relationship with Blissfields is far from rocky. As a reviewer, I’ve attended the event for half a decade. As a fan, it’s been longer still. Al...more
Alden Penner & Michael Cera @ Exchange, Bristol, 24/06/2015
When a TV or movie star crosses over to the music industry, there's the usual groans of discontent; watching Adam Rickett writhe around naked in a gia...more
Jaako Eino Kalevi @ The Courtyard, London, 19/06/15
You can be the most talented, virtuosic musician in the world, but in the realms of pop music at least, there is a certain magic or chemistry, or magi...more
Parklife 2015 @ Manchester, 06-07/06/15
“All the people, so many people” - 140,000, to be exact, as we pull up to Heaton Park, overwhelmed by the stifling crowds ahead of us. We wander a...more
Field Day 2015 @ London, 06-07/06/2015
The ninth edition of Field Day promises to be the best yet. Ever since the first event, way back in the heady halcyon days of 2007, the festival has c...more
East India Youth @ The Exchange, Bristol, 02/06/15
When East India Youth played Bristol last year, sound problems plagued his set. Tonight’s performance unfortunately falls foul of similar issues. Th...more
Lionface, Du Blonde @ The Louisiana, Bristol, 06/06/2015
Before headline act Du Blonde even approaches the mic tonight at The Louisiana, there’s a fear Beth Jeans Houghton may have been upstaged. Her new p...more