EP Reviews

I, Us & We – Mono
Dream-pop is a genre that's quietly been gaining recognition for a number of years now, and this slow moving beast has spawned some fantastic and intr...more
Spies – Sea Creature EP
Hailing from Dublin, indie shoegazers Spies already have two well received EPs behind them: their 2010 debut Liars call me King and 2013’s Distant...more
The Hysterical Injury – Blood Burst EP
Originally conceived as a full length album, Hysterical Injury’s new EP Blood Burst marks fresh beginnings from a band whose sound has become synony...more
Oh Captive – Two Mirrors EP
Upcoming alt-rock outfit, Oh Captive, have been turning heads with their post-punk meets emo goodness since 2012. Heralding from somewhere in the Sout...more
Light Brigade – Amber EP
The Amber EP from Light Brigade is a good thing that comes in a very small package indeed. There are just four neatly wrapped songs, but they're certa...more
Wulf – Lairs EP
Wulf’s potential is confirmed by new EP Lairs, reinforcing their independence as a band. With their debut EP, the London based act have managed to...more
Cheatahs – Sunne EP
London-based quartet Cheatahs barely paused for breath in 2014. With the release of their acclaimed debut self-titled album, coupled with a relentless...more
Hooka Hey – Untamed EP
Hooka Hey have been floating around since 2008, on the peripheries of the rock music scene. They’ve made a strong name for themselves amongst those...more
Emmy the Great – S EP
We’ve been sat here trying to think of something nice to say about S, the new EP from London based artist Emmy the Great, for some time. It’s not ...more
Amen Dunes – Cowboy Worship EP
It’s with some trepidation that I approach the latest release from Damon McMahon, aka Amen Dunes. Forgive this reviewer’s scepticism, but the la...more