EP Reviews

Emmy the Great – S EP
We’ve been sat here trying to think of something nice to say about S, the new EP from London based artist Emmy the Great, for some time. It’s not ...more
Amen Dunes – Cowboy Worship EP
It’s with some trepidation that I approach the latest release from Damon McMahon, aka Amen Dunes. Forgive this reviewer’s scepticism, but the la...more
Scout Killers – Stand Your Ground EP
There’s a common phenomenon today of artists striving to revive some past musical era that they view as the glory days. From the softly-strummed fol...more
Cristobal and the Sea – Peach Bells EP
Tropicalia pop: sounds intriguing, no? Well, there’s plenty more where that came from. With roots all over Europe, modern day pop Prometheans Cristo...more
The Brian Jonestown Massacre – + – EP
In the alphabet of rock’n’roll, ‘A’ should be reserved for Anton. Anton Newcombe is otherwise known as the founding father and leading mathema...more
Thumpers – Together EP
It takes a particular sort of confidence to release an EP only a week after you’ve announced its existence - that or a large slice of impatience. Ei...more
Little Comets – The Sanguine EP
Little Comets are fans of nice words. You might already know, but if you didn’t; the dictionary definition of “sanguine”, for instance, is to ...more
The Anchoress – One for Sorrow EP
What differentiates a single from an EP? It’s surely a question any self-aware musician finds themselves asking at least once during their career. F...more
Colour the Atlas – Opaline EP
Colour the Atlas are one of Swindon’s most talked about up-and-coming bands. With a recent signing to Sony’s RCA label and an addition to Fear...more
Age Decay – Pavor Nocturnus EP
There's a subset of folk that's paved and burnt to the blackest of black. It doesn't really have a name, but for this review’s sake, let's call it d...more