EP Reviews

Scout Killers – Stand Your Ground EP
There’s a common phenomenon today of artists striving to revive some past musical era that they view as the glory days. From the softly-strummed fol...more
Cristobal and the Sea – Peach Bells EP
Tropicalia pop: sounds intriguing, no? Well, there’s plenty more where that came from. With roots all over Europe, modern day pop Prometheans Cristo...more
The Brian Jonestown Massacre – + – EP
In the alphabet of rock’n’roll, ‘A’ should be reserved for Anton. Anton Newcombe is otherwise known as the founding father and leading mathema...more
Thumpers – Together EP
It takes a particular sort of confidence to release an EP only a week after you’ve announced its existence - that or a large slice of impatience. Ei...more
Little Comets – The Sanguine EP
Little Comets are fans of nice words. You might already know, but if you didn’t; the dictionary definition of “sanguine”, for instance, is to ...more
The Anchoress – One for Sorrow EP
What differentiates a single from an EP? It’s surely a question any self-aware musician finds themselves asking at least once during their career. F...more
Colour the Atlas – Opaline EP
Colour the Atlas are one of Swindon’s most talked about up-and-coming bands. With a recent signing to Sony’s RCA label and an addition to Fear...more
Age Decay – Pavor Nocturnus EP
There's a subset of folk that's paved and burnt to the blackest of black. It doesn't really have a name, but for this review’s sake, let's call it d...more
Kate Miller – Neophyte EP
If we were to judge Kate Miller on her marketing campaign alone, this young singer songwriter would find herself in possession of a gold star. She's ...more
Fractions – Fractions EP
The North of the UK isn't usually associated with such fluffy, intangible concepts as tranquillity or serenity, but Newcastle-upon-Tyne locals Fracti...more