Album Reviews

Kele Okereke revamps his solo career with Fatherland
Back in 2010, Bloc Party frontman Kele started his solo career with The Boxer,  a hit-and-miss electronic album which reinforced on-going suspicions ...more
Cults draw us in with Offering
By the time the Manhattan duo had released their debut album, the continued existence of Cults already felt like a survival fight. While breakout hit ...more
Weaves set off punky pyrotechnics on Wide Open
The latest release from Weaves is an anarchy of punky pyrotechnics and a heart-racing chorus of sounds. Fans of their debut album will still delight i...more
Visions of a Life is a proud return for Wolf Alice
Despite the band's grunge protestations, Wolf Alice’s second album Visions of a Life is more accurately a wraithlike vision of death and deceit, wra...more
Chelsea Wolfe hits a new reverb high on Hiss Spun
Reverb. Lots of it. To an extent, you know what you're going to get with a Chelsea Wolfe record. Or you will do by now if you've ever listened to her...more
Protomartyr put Detroit back on the map with Relatives in Descent
Detroit hasn’t had a great time of it in recent years. It’s become so synonymous with being fucked it can even claim the inauspicious distinction ...more
METZ make a diluted return on Strange Peace
Ah METZ, distortedly roaring away like the noisy Sub Poppers that you are, you’ve made a new album! When we spoke to them two years back, we asked i...more
Kiran Leonard returns with chamber pop album, Derevaun Seraun
Usually known for his experimental tendencies, music deviant Kiran Leonard is keeping it relatively stripped down for his second long player with Mosh...more
Cristobal and the Sea combine a global influence on Exitoca
A multicultural daydream of frantic tribal beats, melodramatic jazz, and soulful fusion find harmonious simmer in the upcoming album from Cristobal an...more