Album Reviews

Wire remain masters of invention on Silver/Lead
When you think of the all-time great inventors, the names Leonardo Da Vinci, Thomas Edison, and Benjamin Franklin will no doubt come to mind. There's...more
Tall Ships come to a crossroads with Impressions
For the great pessimist Schopenhauer, the will to life was an aberration, a balled fist from humanity’s lowest reach that existed to be overcome. So...more
Spoon extend their winning streak with Hot Thoughts
As one of the few American indie rock bands from the past decade whose legacy remains untarnished, there’s an argument for Spoon being the most cons...more
Alice Jemima’s debut lays down an awesome strut
Alice Jemima has produced the kind of album that's good for anything. It's good for pre-drinks, post-drinks, workouts, long drives, and solitary liste...more
Semper Femina finds Laura Marling at her sensual best
On “How Can I”, from Laura Marling’s 2015 paean to life as a Los Angeles transplant Short Movie, the singer-songwriter issued a battle cry of so...more
Tennis embrace Motown and the 80s on Yours Conditionally
Husband and wife duo Tennis met over a game of Philosophy. And thankfully, they’ve never lost the feeling of needing to hold hands. What they've do...more
Frances delivers her angelic debut album Things I’ve Never Said
At the age of 8, Frances was playing the violin; at age 10, piano; then, aged 12, her father bought her songbooks featuring the likes of Radiohead and...more
The Magnetic Fields unite comedy and tragedy on 50 Song Memoir
For any other artist, an album comprising 50 explicitly autobiographical songs for each year of their life would be seen as the height of narcissism, ...more
Sun Kil Moon is mad as hell on Common as Light and Love Are Red Valleys of Blood
On Benji, the lizard-tongued Mark Kozelek revived his Sun Kil Moon moniker and dusted off a box of memories, ranging from toe-curling tales of failed ...more
Leif Vollebekk soothes through the pain of Twin Solitude
Blowin' through the prairie fields, somewhere between Ryan Adams and Ray LaMontagne, is the new-found sound of Leif Vollebekk. He’s playing piano, n...more