Album Reviews

The Spook School get cathartic for Could It Be Different?
I have to admit that I approached Could It Be Different? with a certain amount of trepidation. It was the band's description of the album as their 'mo...more
PBS Streetgang fail to hit the mark on Light Night Party Line
Late Night Party Line is the debut album from PBR Streetgang – not a posse of youths with a penchant for rakish sandwich fillings, but a pair of Yor...more
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club bring surprises on Wrong Creatures
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club have long been in hot contention for the worst-named band in contemporary music (Cigarettes After Sex running them close i...more
The Go! Team prove their longevity with Semicircle
Ian Parton, brave leader of The Go! Team (which has essentially become him and whoever he happens to be collaborating with at the time), has declare...more
Lucas Oswald casts a magical spell on Whet
Listening to Lucas Oswald’s latest album, it’s almost hard to believe he didn’t jump from the band ships of Shearwater and The Appleseed Cast ea...more
Charlotte Gainsbourg overhauls grief in Rest
Whether it’s learning to speak in tongues, deft nursery rhyme interpolations, or the wrath of Dasein underpinning deathly encounters that offset the...more
Hüsker Dü’s Savage Young Dü in a flow chart
Well, this is a fairly cut and dry operation, as far as reviews go. There's not really even that much need for an intermediary between you and the rec...more
Sleigh Bells run out of experimental steam on Kid Kruschev
Back in 2010, Sleigh Bells were a delightful breath of fresh air. The restrained aloofness of Alexis Krauss’ glacial vocal style was the perfect foi...more
Red Kite don’t always connect with Racquet
What does a musician have to say? What is their reason for creating music in the first place? What is it about their art that makes it necessary for t...more
Alessi’s Ark plays it safe on Love is the Currency
Love is the Currency feels like a debut from Alessi’s Ark, aka Alessi Laurent-Marke. Technically it’s album number four, though with a four-year ...more