Album Reviews

Marika Hackman and the Power of Influences
London-based Marika Hackman has always worn her influences on her sleeve, with Syd Barrett leading the pack. His psych folk can be heard on her debut...more
Political turmoil meets its match on Noga Erez’s Off the Radar
The connection between music and politics has been seen in many cultures throughout history. Whether overlooked, disadvantaged or plainly disengaged, ...more
Maturing gracefully with Justin Townes Earle
How do musicians mature with dignity? It's not as easy a question as it appears. On the first album, it's straightforward. It's a culmination of years...more
Crescent are pure lo-fi on Resin Pockets
What is lo-fi? Is it a genre? Is it a recording style? Is it a necessity? Perhaps it's all three. Or maybe it’s something else entirely. Bristolian ...more
Sea Pinks recall sunnier times on Watercourse
Breaking boundaries have become something of an obsession within the music scene of late. It seems like no band is deemed worthy of critical acclaim o...more
Darren Hayman’s Thankful Villages Volume 2 is delightful
If there's one thing England has plenty of, it's villages. You can't move for the lil' pesky things. Everywhere you look they're there. They just keep...more
Napoleon IIIrd get lost in slow motion on The Great Lake
It’s been around for years, but slow-motion video footage is a right laugh isn’t it? There’s nothing better than spending hours filming your dog...more
Wavves finds moments of success on You’re Welcome
Things have been a bit turbulent for Wavves since their last record. During the release of their previous album V, tensions between the band and their...more
Contrasting musical styles on Gothic Tropic’s Fast or Feast
In an interview with Clash earlier this year, Cecilia Della Peruti - the Los Angeles-based songwriter behind Gothic Tropic - claimed, "I don’t w...more
PWR BTTM raise their game for Pageant
PWR BTTM are stepping things up. After their first record Ugly Cherries garnered widespread praise and essentially became an instant queer punk classi...more