Album Reviews

Infinite Worlds is a brave step out for Vagabon
Lætitia Tamko is painfully aware of the chasm that can stretch between forefinger and thumb. Adolescence is the perfect metaphor for Infinite Worlds...more
Los Campesinos! get wistful on Sick Scenes
Witty and pun-filled lyrics about heartbreak and despair? Check. Eclectic indie pop? Check. Football references? Check. Well, it seems that Sick Scene...more
Dutch Uncles provide their own helium for Big Balloon
They may have a highly recognisable sound, full of grooves, mind-bending riffs, and surrealist concepts nicked straight from Kate Bush’s diary, but ...more
Oliver Wilde gets freaky for Post-Frenz Container Buzz
Imagine a psychedelic orchestra on LSD, in outer space, and you might just touch the surface of the creative genius that is Oliver Wilde. Now, I’m n...more
Ryan Adams is back to his old tricks on Prisoner
You know where you stand with a Ryan Adams record. Apart from the curveball that was 2015’s Taylor Swift covers album, for the past 17 years, he’s...more
Heba is a debut for the ages from Lowly
“Cait #2” arrives less than halfway through Heba, the debut album from Danish quintet Lowly. At two minutes and thirty seconds, it operates as an...more
Surfer Blood’s Snowdonia comes with a heavy heart
When news broke about the tragic death of Surfer Blood guitarist Thomas Fekete in May last year, the band were forced into a state of limbo. They were...more
Jesca Hoop paints a clear yet beautiful picture of confusion on Memories Are Now
Jesca Hoop has never shied away from plunging to the bottom of her heart through her songwriting, and on Memories Are Now, she continues to tackle her...more
The Dears mark incendiary return with Times Infinity Volume One
The Dears always felt like the weird cousin of the '00s Canadian indie scene, trying to cover the darker elements of every other Montreal band, then p...more
Amber Run return with introspective For a Moment, I was Lost
Amber Run's sophomore release For a Moment, I Was Lost is defined by torment, fear, anger and most importantly, progress. Moving on from their distre...more