Album Reviews

Hinds tackles self reflection on I Don’t Run
The new album from Spanish indie rock quartet Hinds is a propulsive and upbeat mix of infectious melodies beneath damning self-criticism. The band r...more
Hop Along are omnipotent on Bark Your Head Off, Dog
Evidentally, having their fans listen to an album and think, "This is great," is not good enough for Hop Along. The raw energy of their debut album Ge...more
Unknown Mortal Orchestra get dark for Sex and Food
Sex and Food; humans’ greatest pleasures. Naming an album as such evokes immediate thoughts of excess and indulgence, perhaps a provocative album, o...more
Marine craft new mythologies on Fable Electric
Serene and tempestuous, divine and thrashing, the qualities of Marine's debut Fable Electric are reflected as much in Cara Sebastian's swirling artwor...more
Lissie finds a creative rebirth on Castles
An album can be a truly experiential combination of thoughts, feelings, and emotions from an outpouring of the soul. Often, an artist and the fans may...more
Sunflower Bean turn Twentytwo in Blue
Get your party hats out; each member of Sunflower Bean has reached the ripe old age of 22. With it, they’ve released their second album, Twentytwo i...more
Gengahr flourish with Where Wildness Grows
Gengahr return for more shimmery, summery soundscapes with long-awaited follow up, Where Wildness Grows. Having covered light and airy dream-pop with ...more
Titus Andronicus return in a glory of flames with A Productive Cough
It’s funny: A Productive Cough is ostensibly the least punk thing that Titus Andronicus have put out in their 10-year career. And yet we need only...more
Anna von Hausswolff heckles the deceased on Dead Magic
Swedish singer, pianist, organist and necromancer Anna von Hausswolff catapults fear into the heart of living, with grace and unparalleled stratagem...more
Ought return with Room Inside the World
Ought are miles beyond making the decision between 2% and whole milk. More than Any Other Day was the first time we got up close and personal with Tim...more