Album Reviews

Joshua Burnside and Elmwood Hall take up the live album gauntlet
Releasing a live album is dangerous territory for any musician. There are many potential outcomes, but three standout: something that reworks existing...more
Charly Bliss prove fun is essential with Young Enough
The general consensus is that Young Enough - the new album from Brooklyn-based band Charly Bliss - is "important", an "ecstatic triumph" and "liberati...more
Tacocat use melody to move forward on This Mess is a Place
If growing up sounds like alien invasions, advanced Artificial Intelligence and Tacocat, then put me down for the long haul. The Seattle band return t...more
These New Puritans are as ambitious as ever on Inside the Rose
A new These New Puritans album is always something of an exhilarating prospect. For better or worse, you never quite know what you're going to get. Th...more
Could Nilüfer Yanya be our next Miss Universe?
Eagle eyed readers will recognise Nilüfer Yanya's name from coverage in the music media around the end of last year: notably she featured on the 405'...more
Lucy Rose gets her thoughts out on No Words Left  
No Words Left is the fourth album from Lucy Rose, and it’s a stark and dark collection of songs from a singer songwriter who's fast becoming known f...more
Ibibio Sound Machine return triumphant with Doko Mien
The last time we had the not-inconsiderable pleasure of covering Ibibio Sound Machine, we discussed the merits of the London-based 8-piece's approac...more
Brave words, Gratitude and lots of reflection from Benjamin Francis Leftwich
To quote Benjamin Francis Leftwich: “As writers, sometimes our currency is pain.” That tells you two things about the London based singer songwrit...more
The Coathangers get serious with The Devil You Know
“And I ain’t got time for niceties,” sang Vic Chesnutt some years ago. The Coathangers, also hailing from Georgia, channel the same attitude on ...more
Frankie and the Witch Fingers say ZAM to confines
Have you ever wondered what goes on in the minds of the criminally insane, as they're force feed pills in straitjackets before being lead back to a pa...more