Album Reviews

Sleaford Mods – Key Markets
Another Tory win, another speculative grin, as the margins between the have's and the have not's spread mercilessly farther apart like the elastic ban...more
Elvis Perkins – I Aubade
Those with short attention spans and close-minded instant gratification addicts need not apply. Elvis Perkins’ third album I Aubade started with hi...more
Walter TV – Blessed
From the watery depths of Walter TV comes another gurgling homage to surf rock, blanketed with a comedic strangeness that we've come to expect from...more
Lucy Rose – Work It Out
With singer songwriter Lucy Rose, it all seems relatively easy. She's the bottom of your first drink of the night, the exhale you take when you kick...more
Best Friends – Hot Reckless Totally Insane
At about this time of year, everyone starts looking for a 'summer album'. It can come in many guises: a collection of huge party anthems, a fistful...more
Anton Newcombe & Tess Parks – I Declare Nothing
Cult hero Anton Newcombe is no stranger to collaborations and working with other musicians. As the ever-present leader of evergreen neo-psychedelic st...more
Cayucas – Dancing at the Blue Lagoon
There’s an argument that tying bands to their geographical place of origin is lazy. Doing so, the argument goes, massively overstates the significan...more
Wolf Alice – My Love Is Cool
Wolf Alice reflect the image of a band whose members have grown up with the same ideals in mind. With an era of indie rock bands seeking new techn...more
Everything Everything – Get to Heaven
Everything Everything have always seemed like a band on a mission. Breaking boundaries with their distinctive dynamic style, plus complex lyrics and s...more
Flo Morrissey – Tomorrow Will Be Beautiful
Flo Morrissey's new album Tomorrow Will Be Beautiful makes you feel sad. It reaches inside of you and pulls out dark feelings. When it's raining at ni...more