Album Reviews

Lucas Oswald casts a magical spell on Whet
Listening to Lucas Oswald’s latest album, it’s almost hard to believe he didn’t jump from the band ships of Shearwater and The Appleseed Cast ea...more
Charlotte Gainsbourg overhauls grief in Rest
Whether it’s learning to speak in tongues, deft nursery rhyme interpolations, or the wrath of Dasein underpinning deathly encounters that offset the...more
Hüsker Dü’s Savage Young Dü in a flow chart
Well, this is a fairly cut and dry operation, as far as reviews go. There's not really even that much need for an intermediary between you and the rec...more
Red Kite don’t always connect with Racquet
What does a musician have to say? What is their reason for creating music in the first place? What is it about their art that makes it necessary for t...more
Alessi’s Ark plays it safe on Love is the Currency
Love is the Currency feels like a debut from Alessi’s Ark, aka Alessi Laurent-Marke. Technically it’s album number four, though with a four-year ...more
Catholic Action rack up catchy debut In Memory Of
Catholic Action are a band that have been on my radar for a while now, having been the front-runners in a new wave of exciting bands to come out of Gl...more
Wooden Arms excel on Trick of the Light
No one does melancholy better than Wooden Arms. The five-piece chamber pop group from Norwich have brought out an excellent sophomore record in Trick ...more
Henry Jamison creates beautiful layers for The Wilds
The debut album from Vermont's 'millennial transcendentalist' folk singer Henry Jamison is an airy and atmospheric walk through an intellectual land...more
Destroyer is an artist of repute on Ken
There’s been something of the concept album about Destroyer’s last two records. Kaputt, which stands out as Dan Bejar’s masterpiece, was a tribu...more