Album Reviews

Nai Harvest – Hairball
Nai Harvest’s Hairball, the follow-up to 2014’s much ado Hold Open My Head EP, is a summery, upbeat, fuzzy, lo-fi and, well, utterly mad release. ...more
Sugarcane Jane – Dirt Road’s End
This album comes with something of a musical pedigree attached. Anthony Crawford, one half of Americana duo Sugarcane Jane, has an impressive record a...more
SLUG – Ripe
Some bands focus on creating catchy melodies. Others centre around getting the feet shuffling and head nodding. SLUG don't seem too bothered about eit...more
Braids – Deep In The Iris
Montreal band Braids are back with their third album Deep In The Iris. Lyric wise, as a book of poetry this should win some major award. Set to music ...more
American Wrestlers – American Wrestlers
American Wrestlers is a project that was shrouded in some element of secrecy until fairly recently. The only thing really known about the project was ...more
Stealing Sheep – Not Real
Stealing Sheep are back with a big second record. After a very accomplished debut in 2012's Into The Diamond Sun, these three art-y Liverpool women ...more
Paper Aeroplanes – JOY
In 2013, critics were left smitten over the rustic and earthy tones of Paper Aeroplanes’ third album, Little Letters. Now, the Welsh alternative fol...more
This is the Kit – Bashed Out
Folk music is interesting. It’s never really gone away in the UK, although you often wouldn’t know it from the looks of the music press. Instead,...more
Nadine Shah – Fast Food
Nadine Shah is a master wordsmith. That much is made clear by her new album, Fast Food. The Newcastle born artist has already asserted her second stud...more
Waxahatchee – Ivy Tripp
"Ivy Tripp" is a term that artist Katie Crutchfield invented to describe the directionless feeling experienced by modern twenty somethings. Ivy Tripp ...more