Album Reviews

The Belle Brigades – Just Because
Just Because by The Belle Brigades is a delightful album. "Ashes" opens with a bang, featuring a wistful melancholic melody over an irresistible be...more
Matthew Squires and The Learning Disorders – Where The Music Goes To Die
Where The Music Goes To Die bears a suitably audacious title for the most ambitious record to date from workaholic songsmith Matthew Squires. His 20...more
The Drink – Company
There’s something eerie about music that manages to sound jaunty while talking about incredibly dark stuff. This kind of odd juxtaposition is only c...more
We Were Evergreen – Towards
French trio We Were Evergreen have been known to play everything from toy pianos to llama nails in order to create their music. One can expect a few...more
Hookworms – The Hum
MB, MJ, JN, SS, and JW are Hookworms, a five-piece that consistently create immense material and should nearly always excite when it comes to somethi...more
18+ – Trust
18+ are signed to Houndstooth, the resident label at London super club Fabric. Do you think that’s why they chose to name themselves, after a club ...more
Violet Woods – Violet Woods
There's nothing quite like a healthy dose of psychedelia to awaken your inner hippie. Cambridge based psychedelic lounge rockers Violet Woods provid...more
Wildbirds & Peacedrums – Rhythm
“Almost every song is one take. We recorded standing in the same room, no screens or isolation, looking each other in the eyes,” explained Andreas...more
Great Pagans – Cupid in Error
If Facebook Likes are anything to go by, Great Pagans are relatively unknown. Forming in 2012, the four-piece are part of Brighton’s Anti-Ghost Moo...more
Wild Smiles – Always Tomorrow
The news is this; nice young boys from Winchester reject lifestyle advocated by late capitalist consumer based economy, and form band to impress lead ...more