Album Reviews

Menace Beach – Lemon Memory
Lemon Memory, the second LP from Menace Beach – that is Ryan Needham and Liza Violet, supported by a cast of retainers that would up anyone’s 'six...more
12 Days of Christmas: It’s the Most Wonderfully Acoustic Time of Year
There are few things more Christmas-y than settling down for an intimate performance in a space that lends itself to good acoustics and a communal fee...more
Slowcoaches come out fighting on Nothing Gives
Loud, fast and angry: Slowcoaches are the perfect response to the bleak phase of our lives that is post-Brexit Britain. The London 3-piece couldn’t ...more
Beans On Toast drops A Spanner in the Works
As the title may suggest, Beans On Toast's new album is a bit different to his previous seven releases. A Spanner in the Works was recorded on a lap...more
Elephant Stone deliver poetic emancipation on Ship of Fools
Ship of Fools is the third release from Canadian indie doyennes Elephant Stone, and reveals a band experimenting with floral, marine sounds in an al...more
New Fries leave us wanting less, not More
As we begin the irresistible tilt towards a new century's third chapter, the pursuit of novelty has become a thankless chore. By this point, everythi...more
Tasseomancy achieve dreamlike state on Do Easy
Tasseomancy - the cooler word for tea-leaf reading - say that their album is “made for the deadbeats. It’s for the seasoned loners, stoners and l...more
Natalie McCool is impeccably stylish on The Great Unknown
Sometimes we question the importance of an album’s release date. Is it really necessary to have one, anymore? Digital albums can reach their audienc...more
Petrol Girls bowl us over with Talk of Violence
Petrol Girls are not for the faint of heart. The London formed, Austrian based four-piece have built a sound that is both explosive and detailed, with...more
The Wave Pictures offer booze soaked Bamboo Diner in the Rain
The Wave Pictures meant for their latest album Bamboo Diner in The Rain to be a booze-soaked, bluesy love letter to guitar music. In some ways, they...more