Album Reviews

Bear’s Den flatter to deceive on Red Earth & Pouring Rain
Red Earth & Pouring Rain marks the return of Bear's Den, British alt-folk's heirs apparent, released on their founder's imprint. If you're not fam...more
Metronomy get sexy on Summer 08
Summer 08. What a lifetime ago. Metronomy released Nights Out that year; a “half arsed concept album” about “crap nights out." Where Nights Out ...more
Martha deliver power-pop perfection on Blisters in the Pit of My Heart
The events that make up Blisters in the Pit of My Heart primarily take place in transitory places: buses, shopping aisles, streets, school corridors, ...more
Shura serves up confident debut with Nothing’s Real
Shyness, as a young man once mused, is nice. It's always a submissive play, and therefore a source of enormous power in any romantic encounter, regard...more
M. Craft returns with twinkling desert island disc Blood Moon
Dreamed up in the wildernesses of southern California, Blood Moon is a vivid account of M. Craft’s recent period of self-imposed isolation. His th...more
Weaves explore millennial indie on self-titled debut
Following the warm reception of their self-titled EP, Toronto four-piece Weaves continue their exploration of 90s US indie with a hip, millennial take...more
Let’s Eat Grandma fascinate and unsettle with I, Gemini
Let’s Eat Grandma are Rosa Walton and Jenny Hollingworth, a pair of off kilter multi-instrumentalists who have been best friends since meeting in in...more
Mitski achieves classic status with Puberty 2
A few days after the plaudits started rolling in for "Your Best American Girl", Mitski decided to post a little exposition of the song on Facebook. Sh...more
Twin River offer gateway to surf rock with Passing Shade
On first listen, Twin River’s Passing Shade may sound nothing more than a textbook garage rock record: a compilation of lazy, nostalgia driven tunes...more
Margaret Glaspy explains it all on Emotions and Math
Margaret Glaspy has solved it. Or, at least, she’s simplified it. Emotions and Math, her beautiful bluesy debut, attempts to boil the problem of lo...more