Album Reviews

Frankie and the Witch Fingers say ZAM to confines
Have you ever wondered what goes on in the minds of the criminally insane, as they're force feed pills in straitjackets before being lead back to a pa...more
The Japanese House shines in emotional, dreamy album Good At Falling
You know the feeling you get when you wake up from a dream that's so vivid and lush - perhaps about someone you love or once loved - that it goes on t...more
Experience neon candyfloss with Emilie Kahn’s Outro
If Montreal-based artist Emilie Kahn were a landscape she'd be floating above us; a candyfloss cloud with a silver border. Occasionally plummeted into...more
James Yorkston is on The Route to The Harmonium
Folk troubadour James Yorkston’s career got off to a flying start when he supported the late John Martyn on all 27 of his UK and Irish dates, having...more
Bayonne resorts to not-so Drastic Measures
Bayonne’s Drastic Measures is a frustrating beast. It's shot through with moments of quality and accomplishment, promising much but ultimately faili...more
Lily & Madeleine captivate on Canterbury Girls
With each album, Lily & Madeleine find new ways to enchant us. On Canterbury Girls the sisters get more personal, as their fourth album in 6 years...more
Balms submerges into an airy nightmare on Mirror
The debut album from California outfit Balms moves like the steady rise and fall of a turbulent ocean. Mirror is an internal excavation of the darkest...more
William the Conqueror return with Bleeding on the Soundtrack
Currently residing in the surf capital of England, Newquay, is the Americana brainchild behind William the Conqueror, Ruarri Joseph. Alongside Naomi H...more
Big Wild dreams big on Superdream
The trials and tribulations of Jackson Stell aka Big Wild barely scratch the surface of the Los Angeles-based musician's debut album, Superdream. Wit...more
Mike Krol strikes some Power Chords
Power Chords huh? Well, we don’t think trading standards will be knocking round Mike Krol’s door any time soon. The album is rife with them, m’l...more