Album Reviews

Asteroids Galaxy Tour – Bring Us Together
Pop music is a term that quite often sends people running for cover to search for something slightly more palatable to the ears. It’s become synon...more
The Brackish – Big Guys
Prog is a label that gets thrown around pretty carelessly these days. Just about anyone that makes music instrumentally or with a slight divergence fr...more
Karen O – Crush Songs
Karen O's first solo album sounds nothing like a Yeah Yeah Yeahs record. That's the first thing that will strike many, given that often, musicians ...more
BANKS – Goddess
The name’s Banks, Jillian Banks. Or, if you’re shouting about her like plenty of people seem to be doing; BANKS. Armed with enviably high cheekb...more
J. Mascis – Tied to a Star
In 1965, the ‘voice of a generation’ Bob Dylan upset the shared set of assumptions placed upon his angular shoulders by the various bearded men an...more
Interpol – El Pintor
Paul Smith's claims of deliverance have heightened anticipation for this, Interpol’s fifth studio album, El Pintor. In a recent Rolling Stones inter...more
Love Inks – EXI
This September, the Texan trio return with their blend of pop for introverts, this time under the guise of EXI. Led by Sherry LeBlanc’s guiding vo...more
Duologue – Never Get Lost
A duologue: a dialogue between two people, especially in a dramatic or theatrical context. More importantly, it’s an apt name for this London-based ...more
Sinkane – Mean Love
Ahmed Gallab has been a very busy man recently. The musician behind Sinkane has been playing shows with the star-studded Atomic Bomb! band throughout ...more
The self-titled debut album from PHOX, the self-proclaimed sextet of unlikely musicians, is an accomplished piece of work. You’d be forgiven for th...more