Album Reviews

Wildbirds & Peacedrums – Rhythm
“Almost every song is one take. We recorded standing in the same room, no screens or isolation, looking each other in the eyes,” explained Andreas...more
Great Pagans – Cupid in Error
If Facebook Likes are anything to go by, Great Pagans are relatively unknown. Forming in 2012, the four-piece are part of Brighton’s Anti-Ghost Moo...more
Wild Smiles – Always Tomorrow
The news is this; nice young boys from Winchester reject lifestyle advocated by late capitalist consumer based economy, and form band to impress lead ...more
Ben Howard – I Forget Where We Were
I Forget Where We Were is the title of Ben Howard’s second album. It comes three years after what I would describe as a modern classic, Every Kingdo...more
Wooden Arms – Tide
In 2010, I saw Arcade Fire headline the Saturday night at Reading Festival. I wasn't a big fan at that point – I liked a couple of their songs – b...more
Fox and the Law – Stoned to Death
Oscar Wilde once said that people can live down anything except a good reputation. The same seems to be true of cities. Seattle, at least, has never q...more
Zola Jesus – Taiga
From the ethereal highs of FKA Twigs to St. Vincent’s rise to art-pop queen, 2014 has seen critically-lauded female artists reach mainstream audienc...more
The Barr Brothers – Sleeping Operator
Most bands are happy to stick with the standard set of four, maybe five instruments. There’s a lot you can do with this simple yet effective combina...more
Emperor Yes – An Island Called Earth
There’s been a big focus on apocalyptic and catastrophic visions of the near future over the last few years - from the rather anti-climactic solstic...more
High Ends – Super Class
Yukon Blonde front man Jeffrey Innes is running. From what or to what, we’re not exactly sure, but Innes runs nostalgically. Waxing poetic througho...more