Album Reviews

The Twilight Sad – Oran Mor Session
If you’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing The Twilight Sad live, then you’ll know that front man James Graham wears his heart on his sleeve when ...more
Dinosaur Pile-Up – 11-11
The beauty of the Leeds based trio Dinosaur Pile-Up is that their style is not masked nor concealed in the slightest. It’s honest college rock, fill...more
Protomartyr – The Agent Intellect
As one of the most exciting punk bands around, Protomartyr had already successfully created a sound of their own by reminiscing fondly about the 70s ...more
The Garden – Haha
The Garden is very much a two man ‘movement’. It’s a movement that does its best to disregard trends and genres, which is perhaps why this duo...more
Dilly Dally – Sore
With mounting critical acclaim and a devoted fan base already nestled securely in their quarter; Toronto based band Dilly Dally looked set to succes...more
Moving Panoramas – ONE
With their debut album ONE, Austin based band Moving Panoramas have conquered their sound, mastered their sails and launched full speed ahead at ...more
Cristobal and the Sea – Sugar Now
Idle fans of Cristobal and the Sea may have already tentatively formed an opinion of the four-piece thanks to their 2014 EP, Peach Bells. This opinion...more
Julia Holter – Have You in My Wilderness
Form is a wonderful thing to behold. At the peak of its powers, it renders talent both divine and audacious, producing the seemingly impossible from t...more
Battles – La Di Da Di
What a strange band Battles are. From the beginning it was clear that we were dealing with a group in possession of a ridiculous amount of talent; a b...more
CocoRosie – Heartache City
You have to be in a very particular kind of mood to appreciate the music of CocoRosie. Fans of the transatlantic duo, which comprises sisters Bianca a...more