Album Reviews

Esme Patterson – Woman to Woman
Esme Patterson has a vocal like melting honey churned with butter and something a little salty. It’s the kind of voice other artists dream of: perfe...more
Eyes For Gertrude – Residential Bliss
Residential Bliss is the “long awaited” debut by folk-duo Eyes for Gertrude. It’s an album of songs about things out of reach, of songs about ...more
The Dodos – Individ
Let’s take a ride. The coastline to our side, a tinged horizon overhead, and without a care in the world we’ll go wherever the road takes us. If t...more
Tanya Tagaq – Animism
When asked what can be done with the voice to make music, most people will probably just guess at singing or screaming. There will undoubtedly be a fe...more
Team Me – Blind As Night
Team Me’s second album has epic ambition. From the 8 minute opener “Riding My Bicycle” onwards, Blind As Night is a pop album that’s not afrai...more
Rae Morris – Unguarded
Rae Morris has done it. It’s that simple. Her debut album Unguarded was initially scheduled for release at the end of 2014, but marketing complicati...more
BC Camplight – How to Die in the North
Released on Bella Union on 19th January, BC Camplight’s new album How to Die in the North shows off clever song writing and a refreshingly playfu...more
Young Turks – YT2014
From modest beginnings in the XL Recordings A&R division, Caius Pawson’s record label Young Turks has steadily risen to the forefront of the con...more
Justin Townes Earle – Absent Fathers
With a name like Justin Townes Earle, you pretty much have no choice but to become a musician. Especially if your dad is Steve Earle and your middl...more
Sleater-Kinney – No Cities to Love
Does this album even need an introduction? For many, Sleater-Kinney’s No Cities to Love is the most anticipated record of 2015. In recognition of th...more