Album Reviews

Power trio Girl Ray make their promising debut with Earl Grey
Taking their cue from Cate Le Bon and Veronica Falls, London power trio Girl Ray make guitar music that might fall under the indie umbrella. In thei...more
Juanita Stein pinches stardust on America
Australian-born singer songwriter Juanita Stein toes the line between dreamland and reality, describing her debut solo album as such: “The record ...more
Francobollo provide a splattering of 90s on Long Live Life
Francobollo is the Italian word for a postage stamp. It’s also the word for a very silly London-based Swedish pop group. Maybe it’s a hidden messa...more
Dasher’s Sodium feels eerily familiar
Well, this is a throwback. Sodium is the debut album from Bloomington-based Dasher. Though this may well be the first time we’ve really got to know ...more
Waxahatchee makes her voice heard on Out in the Storm
There’s a pivotal scene that closes out the first season of Spaced, the cult TV debut of Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, and director Edgar Wright, in which...more
Broken Social Scene make a triumphant return with Hug of Thunder
Back in 2001, some Canadian band called Broken Social Scene put out a strange record called Feel Good Lost. A mostly instrumental affair that meanders...more
Public Service Broadcasting elegantly engineer Every Valley
There are three ways in which you can judge Every Valley, the latest record from quaint art rock trio Public Service Broadcasting. Centred around the ...more
Breakfast Muff prove DIY credentials with Eurgh!
Breakfast Muff emerge fully formed from the Glasgow DIY scene, albeit with Eilidh McMillan of Cardiff's Joanna Gruesome in their midst, with their th...more
Peter Perrett’s triumph at the last chance saloon
"Don't call it a comeback/I've been here for years". So said LL Cool J, in perhaps one of the best humblebrags ever put to audio. But how do you make...more
alt-J’s Relaxer is a weirdly wonderful head-scratcher
The tears flow as alt-J’s “3WW” plays through to its delicate, wistful end. I’ve always been a bit of a sucker for the classic piano love song...more