Album Reviews

Vessels – Dilate
Watching Vessels evolve from humble beginnings has been nothing short of mesmerising. Starting life as another great act in the post-rock canon - the ...more
Black Yaya – Black Yaya
David Ivar is something of an odd cove. This isn’t a criticism. It doesn’t feel like an affection, like the studied eccentricity of someone buildi...more
Snow Ghosts – A Wrecking
Music never ceases to evolve and as a result, new sounds and styles are constantly being thrown into the mix to spice things up a little. This isn't a...more
Summer Cannibals – Show Us Your Mind
In a further attack on the music industry in 2015, our favourite Portland rockers Summer Cannibals will release their sophomore album Show Us Your Min...more
The Horn the Hunt – Wovo
It’s been less than a year since The Horn the Hunt put out their stellar full length and second widely released album Terrafidella. Call it fate, fo...more
Lady Lazarus – Miracles
The halcyon embrace of Lady Lazarus is truly an artistic marvel – time stops for a short while as she serenades us from her humble piano stool. If...more
Sara Lowes – The Joy of Waiting
The Joy of Waiting is an album entirely unashamed of its erudition. Sara Lowes, a Manchester based musician and writer, brings us an album overt about...more
CHAMPS could well be a band on their way to the big time. These two hard grafting brothers from the Isle Of Wight, Michael and David Champion, have t...more
Marika Hackman – We Slept At Last
Marika Hackman is a confirmed DrunkenWerewolf favourite. The London based artist has taunted us with a talent that would be unbelievable were it not ...more
Krill – A Distant Fist Unclenching
A Distant Fist Unclenching is not a soothing album. As its name implies, it bristles with intensity throughout. The third album from the Boston post-...more