The galaxy according to Bang Bang Romeo
Achieving iconic status before releasing your debut album might sound impossible but Bang Bang Romeo’s Anastasia Walker has accomplished just that. ...more
Chastity Belt conjure up a dream on their eponymous album
If you're instantly suspicious when a band chooses an eponymous title well into their career, don't worry. Chastity Belt are quick to ease concerns on...more
Green Man 2019 @ Brecon Beacons, 15-18/08/2019
If you’re accustomed to holy hell of UK festivals, Green Man 2019 could be a shock. It’s just so damn… pleasant. Good food, clean toilets, nice...more
The Regrettes show us How to Love
John Hughes might be remembered more for The Breakfast Club but nobody will ever love that film as deeply as some of us love Pretty In Pink. It nails ...more
The Future Is Here for Sleater-Kinney
The turbulence of new sonic pursuits and the departure of Janet Weiss have dominated the build-up to The Center Won’t Hold, Sleater-Kinney’s secon...more
Introducing: Shana Cleveland
If you ever find yourself driving on a desert highway at dusk, do yourself a favour and have Shana Cleveland's Night of the Worm Moon on your road tri...more
Mort Garson’s Plantasia plantwave is unearthed in a new era
In 1976 composer Mort Garson set aside session work and picked up a Moog synth to make an album like no other. Playful, kooky and completely magical, ...more
Stef Chura shows growth on new album Midnight
Stef Chura's sophomore album Midnight is a progressive sonic exploration into the depths of collaborative songwriting. With Will Toledo (Car Seat Head...more
Mac DeMarco treads old territory on Here Comes The Cowboy
Those who heard the title of Mac DeMarco's new album Here Comes The Cowboy and thought of a swaggering, gutsy collection of tracks will be left feel...more
Snail Mail @ Lido, Berlin, 11/06/2019
On what appears to be an endless tour, Snail Mail have been exploring Europe and America for at least two years with indie-punk debut, Lush. An emotio...more
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