Chad VanGaalen – Shrink Dust
Discovering new music is and always will be an audible lucky dip. There’s no security in delving into uncharted territory, yet the exhilaration of f...more
Elephant – Sky Swimming
Elephant are a lo-fi music loving pair whose work harks back to the heyday of bedroom pop, both in the technical and literal harking sense. Last year ...more
Nine Black Alps – Candy for the Clowns
In 2005, Nine Black Alps released Everything Is - a noxious, distorted breath of polluted air within a dirge of radio-friendly Smiths-esque indie ...more
White Fang – Full Time Freaks
White Fangs' first six albums can be grouped under “tales from the frontier of mind blown”, or “our muse is a herb”. As the acceptance of ca...more
Jesca Hoop @ The Exchange, Bristol, 14/04/2014
Silence casts a strange spell over The Exchange. As Jesca Hoop mounts her pew in preparation for tonight’s gig, the metaphorical rustle of sweet pap...more
Marika Hackman – Deaf Heat EP
Hampshire nu-folk diva-to-be Marika Hackman has dished out only fair sized portions of her melancholic compositions thus far. Last year her That Iron ...more
We Came Out Like Tigers – Ever Crushed At Pecket’s Well
We Came Out Like Tigers are an uncompromising band. Whether in their attitude and ideals about the nature of punk rock or in their beautifully brutal ...more
Tycho @ Oval Space, London, 26/03/2014
If you’ve ever found yourself meandering through the back streets of North East London near Bethnal Green, you might have come across Oval Space. Fr...more
Metronomy @ O2 Academy, Bristol, 24/03/14
A chilly Monday night in Bristol: it's a cold, eventless affair with very little cheer. At the Academy, however, there’s plenty of cheer and a posit...more
Goldfrapp @ Colston Hall, Bristol, 1/04/14
Goldfrapp have my curiosity before I even take a seat in the Colston Hall. I’ve always been ambivalent to the duo, comprising of Alison Goldfrapp a...more
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