Introducing Articles

Introducing: TT
The new solo project of Warpaint guitarist and vocalist Theresa Wayman, TT has just started rustling in the bushes. Brooding, mysterious and suspens...more
Introducing: SWIMM
Some album titles manage to capture the entire spirit of a record in one deft turn of phrase: White Light / White Heat, perhaps, or the bushy-tailed...more
Introducing: Yoshi Flower
One of the most exciting things about catching artists at the early stages of their career is gazing down the divergent paths that lay ahead of them. ...more
Introducing: Snail Mail
For most musicians, the only person or persons you expect to ask permission from is your manager or label. To be 'independent' generally means not hav...more
Introducing: King Princess
I regularly find myself having the same argument with one of my close friends - is it what you know, or who you know? I'm a proponent of the former wh...more
Introducing: Launder
If you want a subtle marker for the sound of the artist I'm introducing today, there are perhaps no better places to look than a forest. Or rather, "A...more
Introducing: Pink Skies
The self-dubbed 'escapism pop' of Pink Skies has an infectious charm and a groove that is guaranteed to get you dancing. The Oakland-based singer song...more
Introducing: Adwaith
I'm happy to learn I'm not the only person who's relied on their mum for band name inspiration. Adwaith found their name when one of their mums aske...more
Introducing: Post Precious
A couple of weeks ago I introduced you all to LPX, aka Lizzy Plapinger, one-half of alt-pop superstars MS MR. Well, the other half (Max Hershenow) has...more
Introducing: PHANGS
PHANGS is the dream pop musical brainchild of Nashville's Jake Germany. Layered in dense, breezy synthesizers, heartbeat percussion, and the nostalgia...more