Introducing Articles

Introducing: Holy Motors
Many of us may have wondered what it would be like to attend our own funeral. Well, Holy Motors, a dream-pop five-piece hailing from Tallinn, Estonia,...more
Introducing: Emma McGrath
At age 18, London based singer-songwriter Emma McGrath has already been writing songs for 6 years. It's almost hard to believe that at the tender age ...more
Introducing: Sidney Gish
As a Northeastern University student moonlighting as one of Bandcamp’s foremost indie pop singers, Boston’s Sidney Gish is well aware of the self-...more
Introducing: Llovers
Love is a complicated game. Some play to win; others play to lose and write songs about it. Based on their music, up and coming quintet Llovers deci...more
Introducing: An Early Bird
For some of us, simply meeting our heroes can be enough. For Stefano De Stefano, it wasn't. In the years he was fronting Italian alt-folk trio Pipers,...more
Introducing: LPX
LPX is the exciting new solo project of Lizzy Plapinger, best known as the frontwoman of alt-pop superstars MS MR. A hiatus, after 6 years of non-sto...more
Introducing: Malakai
A bright new spark on the horizon of British soul-pop and jazz, Malaika - real name Malaika Shaw - has secured herself another deserved long listing ...more
Introducing: Lizzy Land
It feels a little perverse writing an introducing piece about an artist with several million Spotify plays to her name and thousands of followers acro...more
Django Django has a canvas full of colours on Marble Skies
A fizzy cocktail of bubbling sights and sounds, the new album from Django Django, Marble Skies rockets through a brilliant array of rave-shaped groov...more
Introducing: Suzi Wu
Suzi Wu has a real swagger to her. The 19-year-old is whipping up a storm from her North London stomping ground with her twangy, guitar-heavy brand of...more