Introducing Articles

Introducing: All Dogs
Maryn Jones could take a lot of credit. The former Saintseneca and Yowler singer is something of an indie-confessional institution; after forming All ...more
Introducing: Bad Bad Hats
"Midway between the end and the start," vocalist Kerry Alexander sings, midway through, uh, "Midway", "I cried like a baby, I tore you apart..." And ...more
Introducing: Confidence Man
Sometimes you just know. Not necessarily whether they're going to be famous per se, but that they're already special - right now, you just can't work ...more
Introducing: Yucky Duster
Four friends with a penchant for penning catchy punk-pop tunes, Yucky Duster first came to our attention with their 2016 self-titled debut. Follow-...more
Introducing: Gonzalla
With summer having definitely arrived, so begins the annual search for that definitive summer anthem. Los Angeles-based musician Cody Randall, under ...more
Introducing: Vagabon
New York City was the thriving birthplace of popular genres such as disco, hip hop, punk and new wave. Not forgetting, of course, the folk scene in Gr...more
Introducing: Charly Bliss
If pop-punk's your thing, you might have a bit of time for the likes of Green Day, Blink-182 and, more recently, Paramore. These bands have played an ...more
Introducing: Segers
Refreshingly forthright in her music, Segers has the potential to make a genuine breakthrough this year. New single “The Wandering” marks the...more
Introducing: Colour Of Spring
With a self-titled debut EP out 23rd June 2017, momentum is gathering quickly for Leeds outfit Colour of Spring. The quintet has been making loud noi...more
Introducing: Two Steps on the Water
Melbourne trio Two Steps on the Water bring the weird and the wonderful into their folk musings, as if mixing all three primary colours to make a dar...more