Introducing Articles

Introducing: Outsider
To be the first artist featuring your native tongue – in this case, Irish Gaelic – in a mainstream video game (here, FIFA 2018) is quite a feather...more
Introducing: Rob Bravery
Rob Bravery appears to have really found his sound over the last 12 months. Bristol's answer to James Blake, the former keyboard player for Alessi's ...more
Introducing: Grace Lightman
Grace Lightman's blend of psych-pop has a certain faded feeling to it. While it's pristinely produced - her latest track, "Fangs", was worked upon by...more
Introducing: Baker Island
Having just returned from visiting my granddad in Tyneside, it seems appropriate that my next recommendation is a Newcastle based artist. Baker Island...more
Introducing: Lorenza
There is a certain sleekness to everything this Guildford-based quartet of indie rockers produces. Lorenza use an anthemic pop sound, appealing to fan...more
Introducing: Hattie Whitehead
Blessed with a gorgeous voice and delicate acoustic sound, Hattie Whitehead has been steadily building a name for herself on the singer-songwriter ci...more
Introducing: Daniele Celona
As somebody who is extremely wordy, I find it especially impressive when a song in a language I barely understand can evoke such emotion in me. So it ...more
Introducing: Blanco White
Blanco White's hauntingly beautiful sound is a thing to behold. With nothing more than his flamenco infused guitar, his slightly gravelly vocal tones ...more
Introducing: Culture Abuse
Culture Abuse, the latest signing from the legendary punk label Epitaph Records, are ready to take over the world. And if they do it, it’s going to ...more
Introducing: Hanging Valleys
If you were to compare the music of Hanging Valleys to a setting, it would be a calm forest of pine dappled in the lightest mist of rain. The London b...more