Introducing Articles

Introducing: The Boxing
Leeds’ dark, psychedelic pop trio The Boxing are carving out an entirely different path to many of their contemporaries, and in the process helping ...more
Introducing: Living Body
Leeds based multi-instrumentalist Jeff T. Smith likes to keep busy. He also has friends in all the right (northern) places. The flickering embers of J...more
Introducing: Seazoo
Just when it felt like fuzzy, lo-fi indie pop had fallen out of favour forever, North Wales quintet Seazoo are poised to deliver an album that will ma...more
Introducing: Annabel Allum
Brimming with dirty riffs and drawling vocals, Annabel Allum is coming of age as one of the UK’s leading singer-songwriters. While many emerging ac...more
Introducing: Thyla
Full of jangling guitar and soaring female vocals, Thyla is the latest act out of Brighton to be gaining national attention. 2017 is set to be a busy...more
Introducing: Dumb Lovers
Formed by friends Megan Rees and Robin Clark on the south coast at the turn of the year, Dumb Lovers have made swift progress in releasing their deb...more
Introducing: Pleasure House
Midlands four-piece Pleasure House have upped their game this year, with recently released "Calm" showcasing a much more polished and focused outfit...more
Introducing: CLAVVS
CLAVVS, featuring four-time Grammy Award-winner Graham Marsh and vocalist Amber Renee, possess remarkable pedigree. Marsh’s awards have come thro...more
Introducing: BIYO
Heralding from the musical hotbed of Nashville, Biyo couldn’t be further from the traditional country sound that the area is historically synonym...more
Introducing: Lisbon
North East trio Lisbon have packed a lot into their four years together. Since forming at sixth form in 2013, the Whitley natives have shrunk from ...more