Interview: Odonis Odonis
Odonis Odonis are our iron-hot lead into a next wave of led lined, tough as nails live acts from the Great White North, but this Toronto-trio are mor...more
#6 Women in Music: Wye Oak Interview
Over the course of April, DrunkenWerewolf will team up with women filling various professional roles in Britain and abroad, to talk about the finer de...more
Interview: Battle Lines
Touring with Coheed and Cambria, playing SXSW and a debut single that’s infectious as MRSA, except a lot better for you. It’s all in a year’s wo...more
Interview: Smoke Fairies
Smoke Fairies are about to tour their newest album, the self-titled Smoke Fairies, due for release on Full Time Hobby on 14th April 2014. Both Kath...more
Interview: Grandhorse
Meet Grandhorse, a Portland based band who by our own admission “manage to amalgamate every West coast loving, guitar trashing, sky toting band we...more
Interview: Liz Green
“Haul Away! is about Communication. Language. The Insufficiency of Words. Home. How to Fit in. Escape. Sea. Elemental Forces. The Edge of Something....more
Interview: Eliza and the Bear
The curiously named London based quintet that is Eliza and the Bear got in touch recently to promote their new song “It Gets Cold”, current UK to...more
Interview: Champs
“Consistently rueful and rather wonderful”; that’s what we said about Down Like Gold in our recent review of the debut album from Isle of Wight ...more
Interview: Olivia Sebastianelli for her new track “Sunset”
This week Olivia Sebastianelli returns with style in the form of her new track “Sunset”. A gorgeous, understated ballad to an evening spent watchi...more
Interview: Paul Thomas Saunders
So far, Paul Thomas Saunders has two EPs to his name. Listening to them, you’d be forgiven for presuming the owner of the voice to be a timid sort...more


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