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Top 10 Songs to Listen to at a BBQ
It's that time of year when Brits (sometimes hopelessly) cling to the last dying breath of summer by way of flamboyant garden parties and too much 'sp...more
Ones to Watch at Best Kept Secret 2016
It's rare these days that we get to venture outside of the UK, though this is due to budget constraints rather than a lack of passport or the will to ...more
Top 10 Songs for Long Distance Relationships
Long distance relationships are a tough thing to crack. Feelings are amplified, anxieties are quadrupled and days feel 10 times longer than they shou...more
Ones to Watch at Field Day 2016
Field Day festival - the one where you would have no idea you were in central London if it weren’t for the expensive beer prices. In the heart of Vi...more
Ones to Watch at Camden Rocks 2016
There are three things that happen in Camden, without fail, every summer. Number one; someone you know will fall into Regents Canal. Number two; you ...more
Ones to Watch at Liverpool Sound City 2016
Let 2016 be known as the year that DrunkenWerewolf was invited to attend events - not least of all Sound City 2016, which will take place in Liverpool...more
Ones To Watch at Dot to Dot Festival 2016
Dot to Dot 2016 is to music enthusiasts what Christmas is to little children. The festival comes but once a year, but when it’s here it brings alo...more
Top 10 Songs to Learn to Play on the Guitar
Learning to play the guitar or any other instrument isn’t the piece of cake many self-taught musician make it out to be. Chances are at first you’...more
Ones to Watch at Live At Leeds 2016
To start on a negative note, one of the worst things about inner city festivals and showcases is the trudge between venues and the inevitable let down...more
Top 10 Songs For Getting Up In The Morning
Picture this: it’s a Sunday morning and you’re slightly hungover in bed, with mascara and eyeliner still in situ and smeared on said bed. You’r...more