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Top 10 Songs About Discovering Music
There's a fine art to writing songs about discovering music. Many, but not all artists resort to fast-paced, uptempo and some might say kitsch dittie...more
Top 10 Songs for Halloween 2015
It's no secret Halloween is our favourite time of year. Not only did we found the blog on this hallowed day back in 2005; we've harboured a frighteni...more
Top 10 Songs About Growing Up
There comes a time in our lives when we realize that growing up isn't all that it seems. There are lessons that we weren't taught when we were younge...more
Top 10 Greatest Side Projects
Side projects allow musicians to distance themselves from the material that initially thrust them into the realms of prominence and fame. Unchained by...more
Ones to Watch at Bestival 2015
Jimi Hendrix put the Isle of Wight on the map as a destination for music lovers. However it’s been BBC broadcasters Rob and Josie Da Bank who have r...more
Top 10 Songs About the Music Industry
They say you should write about what you know. It’s only to be expected then, that many artists will tackle the thorny issue of the music industry a...more
Top 10 Songs to Play at a Dinner Party
Before literally everyone became obsessed with Zorbing in the mid-noughties, dinner parties used to be the go-to activity for getting to know each oth...more
Top 10 Songs About Stalking
Ex-girlfriends. Celebrities. Cute shop assistants. Olivia Williams in Rushmore. Sometimes that special person in your life just takes a bit of... Re...more
Ones to Watch at Green Man 2015
Festival season is slowly being put to bed for another year, but Green Man 2015 still has a few words to say before it goes gently into the dark night...more
Top 10 Insult Songs
Sometimes, the world of music is one big, happy family. Musicians hold hands and come together like they’re living in an 80s Coca Cola advert or si...more