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Five Albums for 2014
Over the next few months a good handful of DrunkenWerewolf favourites will release material to see in the New Year. On top of that seasoned musicians ...more
Blog Sound of 2014: The Winners
Here you find us on the brink of revealing the winner of the Blog Sound of 2014. If you want to hazard a guess before the surprise is ruined, head ove...more
Graham Ashton’s Top 5 Hidden Acoustic Gems of 2013
To follow on from Drunkenwerewolf’s Tips for 2014, the writer's Albums of 2013 poll and the Editor's Picks, I’d like present my own highlight choi...more
2013 Playlists: The Year in Music
Happy Christmas! Over the past few weeks DrunkenWerewolf has been slaving away to round up the past twelve months. In the process we’ve also looked ...more
Albums of 2013: The Playlist
Los Campesinos! Sparrow and the Workshop! Errr.... Kanye West... Surprising though some of the entries may be, our Albums of 2013 countdown is now ...more
Albums of 2013: Editor’s Pick
So far this month we’ve taken you through our Tips for 2014, the Albums of 2013 as voted for by our writers, and the Blog Sound of 2013 to which we ...more
Top Ten Albums of 2013
Here you find yourselves, waiting with bated breath to find out what exactly has made it into our Top Ten Albums of 2013. We’ve already explained ou...more
Albums of 2013: 50 – 11
To repeat the sentiments expressed in our Tips for 2014 post, this year we’ve been spoiled for choice. Not only have up-and-coming musicians rallied...more
Tips for 2014: The Playlist
People singing about finding bodies in bogs! A Haddaway cover! Crazy French lady whose wardrobe consist entirely of 1920s swimming gear! Varied as i...more
DrunkenWerewolf’s Tips for 2014
What’s going on, eh? This time last year we were nibbling our thumbs and clicking pen tops in an agonising attempt to find artists we felt worthy of...more



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