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DrunkenWerewolf’s Ones to Watch in 2015
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Editor’s Pick: Albums of 2014
The Best Albums of 2014, so selected by Editor Tiffany Daniels. Last year we started a new Christmas tradition. It wasn’t a unique enterprise, but ...more
The Blog Sound 2015: Long List
Another year; another end of year poll. Blog Sound 2015 has once again timed up with the BBC Sound of 2015, the long list for which was announced yest...more
5 Tips for Musicians on Social Media
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Top 5 Songs to Exercise To
A few months ago my one-time secondary school made headlines for choosing an untoward soundtrack for their extracurricular dance class. The galling Ro...more
Ones to Watch at Bestival 2014
What is Bestival if not a glittery, fairy tale of a parallel universe? Well, a festival, I suppose. But with enchanted forests and inflatable churches...more
10 Best Songs to Listen to Alone in Your Bedroom
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10 Best TV/Film Soundtracks of All Time
Film and music have been inseparable since the days of silent film, and it just so happens both are my passion. Here is my personal top ten of soundtr...more
5 Prints/Posters to Buy Online
What does your bedroom wall say about you? Quite a lot, probably. My wall is turquoise to match a Jacknife print that’s long since fallen down, but ...more
The Ones We Missed 2014
The five artists we tipped for the top in 2014 feature as Issue 18's interviewees, but over the course of the past seven months we’ve recommended a ...more