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Ones to Watch at Live At Leeds 2016
To start on a negative note, one of the worst things about inner city festivals and showcases is the trudge between venues and the inevitable let down...more
Top 10 Songs For Getting Up In The Morning
Picture this: it’s a Sunday morning and you’re slightly hungover in bed, with mascara and eyeliner still in situ and smeared on said bed. You’r...more
Top 10 Boy Next Door Songs
Love and distance correlate to an extent most palpable by those who have experienced the two extremes: long distance relationships, and boy next-door ...more
Top 10 Songs to Help You Form an Opinion on Brexit
There was a time when ‘Brexit’ was just something nice to put on toast as an alternative to Marmite, but now its meaning has been drastically re-a...more
Top 10 Bristol Bands of All Time
Bristol has long been synonymous with urban music and is often cited as the birthplace of trip hop, but the city’s true marvel comes from its mus...more
Top 10 Film Soundtracks of All Time
Movie sountracks are much more than just silence filler or background music to a busy restaurant scene. The music can lift a performance to alter, e...more
Top 10 Songs for Picking Yourself Up and Moving On
Great prophets, from Jesus Christ to Rachel Stevens, have long sought to remind humanity of a painful truth: things are sent to try you. Death. Life. ...more
Top 10 Songs to Insult An Ex
Everyone gets their heart broken once in a while. It’s more or less accepted as a fact of life that at some point you will love someone who doesn...more
Top 10 Noisy Songs
Noise. It can be hard to pinpoint quite why some songs qualify and others don't. It's a feeling, an approach, even an attitude. While it often goes ha...more
Top 10 Album Artwork of 2015
Don’t judge a book by its cover. Don't judge an album by its artwork. We’ve all heard it before, but unfortunately no one lives by this little pi...more