5 Top Tracks from Last Week
Everyone's understandably feeling worse for wear this week. Between Trump supporting and even inciting racist bigots in the States, last week's terror...more
Introducing: Esther Joy
Lord, it's dark out. Hot, wretched evenings punctuated by the rattling of teeth and the burning of tiki torches. Someone's friend got hit, or they saw...more
Introducing: Avid Dancer
Avid Dancer is one of the more precious finds to fall into my lap this year through Spotify's mind-reading algorithms. Jacob Dillan Summers weaves to...more
Introducing: G Mills
Are you feeling like you just want to sink deep into a warm armchair and drift away to a restless sleep with music in your ears? Or are you looking fo...more
Introducing: Mosa Wild
Ashford-based indie rock quartet Mosa Wild are threatening great things. With only a single track, "Smoke", to their name as yet, they have already ga...more
Introducing: Chris Kasper
To write an introducing feature about a songwriter who has just released their fifth studio album may seem a little unintuitive. That Chris Kasper has...more
Introducing: Grey\\Water
Some new artists are more mysterious than others. With little more on their Facebook page than a list of members' names, a declared interest for Steve...more
Introducing: Elle Mary & the Bad Men
Manchester based songsmith Elle Mary describes her latest music as "heavy noir." Listening to her gorgeous new track "Behave", unveiled ahead of the O...more
5 Top Tracks from Last Week
Last week saw the first installment of our new 5 Top Tracks feature, which will be kept company by the Discover with DW playlist on Spotify on a week...more
5 Top Tracks from Last Week
We're switching things up at DrunkenWerewolf HQ, replacing our long-lived news section with a weekly roundup of tracks and a lengthier Spotify playlis...more