Introducing Articles

Introducing: Beverly Girl
Balsy electronica omits from Beverly Girl, a Helsinki based band purveying in the kind of music punk 80s Madonna could only dream about. Somewhat tel...more
Introducing: Kill Moon
The world of rock has witnessed a 90s renaissance in recent years, but you don't need me to tell you that. Everyday we all hear bands that are obvious...more
Introducing: Alice Boman
So understated it’s barely there; Alice Boman’s music is a medley of things that shouldn't be - subtle, infectious and heart-breakingly beautiful....more
Introducing: Bonsai
Rightfully pitched for fans of Neko Case, Mazzy Star and Jeffrey Lewis – New York City’s Bonsai nevertheless walk with a distinctly chipper bob to...more
Introducing: Joshua Burnside
Anyone lamenting the lack of folktronica artists on the scene at the moment need only turn their head towards Northern Irish singer songwriter and up ...more
Introducing: Holychild
Based in Los Angeles, Holychild is the project of duo Liz Nistico and Louie Diller. These two people look as primed for the charts as they sound, comp...more
Introducing: Nudybronque
Sounding a bit like Will Sheff from Okkervil River put through a blender and told to play the keyboard, this is Wiltshire based three piece Nudybronq...more
Introducing: Zella Day
Remember when Lana del Rey tried to convince everyone she was a trailer-trash valley girl and not New York royalty? Many aspiring musicians tell a sto...more
Introducing: Ismael Clark
Some voices are timeless, but not many voices are like Ismael Clark’s. The Catalan singer songwriter is based in Portsmouth, having spent the major...more
Introducing: GHXST
Unbelievably atmospheric for a band who rely on an epic structure of chords; GHXST still carry the sass of rock and roll in their paws. Based in New ...more



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