Introducing Articles

Introducing: M A R I N E
How often do you find two equally talented songwriters in a band? Answer: not that often. And how often does it happen that those same two songwriters...more
Introducing: Family Video
Arising from Vancouver, Canada in 2012, Family Video was originally the creation of Jam King (guitar/vocals) and Jeff Johnson. Together that same year...more
Introducing: Sleepy Hahas
Weezer have probably got a lot to answer for when it comes to this new band. Sleepy Hahas have truly grasped the meaning of the words indie and pop, a...more
Introducing: Carousels & Limousines
A band that has flickered through our periphery several times before but nevertheless failed to fully capture our attention in the past; Carousels &am...more
Introducing: Princess
Rightfully pointed out by their publicist, Princess follow in a long line of Irish bands obsessed with female namesakes, and their sound doesn’t str...more
Introducing: Gunakadeit
What happens when HOLYCHILD team up with an experimental artist who has a penchant for Jesca Hoop inspired vocals and up-down tempo pop tunes? That t...more
Introducing: Varsity
Varsity… Wow, I like this band, a lot. They’re from Chicago, they’re fronted by a chic young lady called Stephanie Smith, and they make really l...more
Introducing: TOPS
You might think you’re cool. Well, I reckon you’re not as cool as TOPS. Only joking, but then again, check out the video to "Change of Heart" by ...more
Introducing: Prince of Assyria
Slumbering melodies and a vocal as contagious as that of Elliott Smith and Gotye introduce the glorious music of Prince of Assyria, the project of Ir...more
Introducing: We the Wild
We the Wild are a new London based duo content on replicating the hideously underexposed goodness of Pillar Point with a distinct, British twist. The...more