Introducing Articles

Introducing: Alvvays
Listening to Canadian band Alvvays (pronounced Always) takes you back in time to an era of peace and love, and oh; good music! This is really good foo...more
Introducing: Little May
Dreamy Australian trio Little May are able to take you to a place of escapism with their soft, yet soul-reaching vocal harmonies. With their sweet fol...more
Introducing: Stillwave
If Interpol’s Paul Banks joined a dance-cum-techno troupe, it might sound something like this. Stillwave are a three-piece from the Netherlands, pre...more
Introducing: Peacock Affect
Macaulay Culkin seems to be on everyone’s mind: first Dot to Dot falls for The Pizza Underground and their out-there stage performances, then Barbar...more
Introducing: Palace Winter
Bringing a lazy guitar, dreamy melodies and the kind of smooth vocal a head in turmoil cries out for; Danish producer Caspar Hesselager and Australian...more
Introducing: Gordi
Those curious to find out what would happen if a 60s folk revivalist was uprooted from her scene and commanded to write a pop song need look no furthe...more
Introducing: Roman Remains
Blending the infectious purity of CHVRCHES with the sinister edge of bands like Dark Horses and Asteroids Galaxy Tour - this is Roman Remains, a Londo...more
Introducing: Mary Joanna and the Southern Electrikk
We discovered this band a few weeks ago thanks to the appreciated efforts of Radio Flote, a radio station promoting a generous slice of new music onli...more
Introducing: The Tallest Tree
Apparently music inspired by mid-noughties Nebraska-strewn acts is all the range - at least that’s what the glorious twang of Ontario based band The...more
Introducing: Frontier Ruckus
With artists like Kiran Leonard and Joshua Burnside dominating our airwaves, indie pop that recalls 70s production and the roots of the West Coast sce...more