Introducing Articles

Introducing: Pure Bathing Culture
A Portland pair whose world is hailed as 'not real', Pure Bathing Culture return with a new album this October following their effulgent and transpare...more
Introducing: Fleurie
With a new EP due out on 4th September, Fleurie looks set to take up the electro pop gauntlet in 2015. The Nashville based project of Lauren Strahm, ...more
Introducing: Common Man
The Florida music scene is arguably best known for its guttural garage style of sound. With Common Man, however, it presents something completely di...more
Introducing: Pertini
Having your debut single produced by a member of Micachu & the Shapes is nothing to snarf at. Neither is receiving praise from The Line of Best Fi...more
Introducing: Oh Pep!
Melbourne is on fire at the moment, spitting out excellent indie pop artists at a rate faster than our little legs can carry us. There must be somethi...more
Introducing: Dilly Dally
Partisan Records' most recent signees, Dilly Dally, have been steadily gaining momentum over the past year through their 2014 CMJ performance, the rel...more
Introducing: Manor
Coming out of the Melbourne pop scene, Manor comprises Caitlin Duff and Nathaniel Morse, who are often accompanied by their greyhound, Joan. Having ma...more
Introducing: Chagall
Not getting it? Listen again. Amsterdam based musician and producer Chagall has released the must-listen EP of 2015 in the form of her self-produced e...more
Introducing: Sunday Lane
Some songs beg to be rehearsed at any available moment. It’s as though they’re conceived to be sung along to, bedraggled on a Sunday morning and r...more
Introducing: The Modern Electric
Sometimes, all you need is a good drive-by song. Sometimes, all you need is Lou Reed. These two influences stand proud on "The Summer of Lou Reed", ...more