Introducing Articles

Introducing: Summer Loving Torture Party
Combining chilled out, beach-wave inspired guitar with a heavy thud of bass and vocal straight out of the indie world; Summer Loving Torture Party (or...more
Introducing: Findlay
"I’m just a girl with a microphone," sings Findlay on her latest release, "Electric Bones". But oh, this Manchester born rising star is a whole lot ...more
Introducing: Hawk
Beautiful balladry, a vulnerable but compelling vocal and twinkling guitar offset chilling subject matter for Hawk’s new single “Clock Hands”. I...more
Introducing: Stergin
Introducing yourself as a friend of Emperor Yes is never going to do you any harm. Coupled with the clattering grunge and hedonistic mantra of lead so...more
Introducing: The Night VI
At first glance, The Night VI convey a mysterious aura around them. Commonly pictured in dark dreamy chiffon attire, their image and identity reflects...more
Introducing: Samaris
Scheduled to perform at a slew of Scandinavian festivals this spring, Samaris push the same chill-wave electronica as some of the smartest Swedish p...more
Introducing: Sabals
Based in Orlando, Florida; Sabals are a band whose penchant for infectious melody could serve them well over the coming few months. The three-piece ...more
Introducing: Simon Joyner
If you were to limit your experience of Simon Joyner to one song, you might (wrongly) assume him a singer songwriter type with a timeless quality and ...more
Introducing: The Cush
You’d expect The Cush to have some deep-seated history in the glam rock scene. They sound like The Dandy Warhols resurrected Marc Bolan to sing an e...more
Introducing: Jonathan
It’s becoming rather fashionable for bands to wear their Interpol influence on their sleeve. Highlighting the fact is just about as far as our compl...more