Introducing Articles

Introducing: Graceland
Residing 100 miles northeast of London, where coastal birds hover and little else happens, is Norwich’s greatest musical export: Graceland. Sounding...more
Introducing: Anna Arco
You can picture Anna Berglund, better known as jazz and folk-pop inspired singer Anna Arco, taking a train out of her hometown of Stockholm to the Sw...more
Introducing: Luna Pines
When self-empowering and completely DIY are components in the same conversation, there is a kinetic energy pulsing with endless possibility. Such is t...more
Introducing: Ned Roberts
If we manage to sneak a final, precious afternoon of autumn sun, before winter descends onto us with frosty chill and garish Christmas decorations, ta...more
Introducing: Déyyess
With a spate of female solo artists coming up through the Lana del Rey and Lorde school of art pop, 20-year-old Hannah Butcher from Kent - working u...more
Introducing: Pearla
There’s an enchanting new folktronica star on the horizon. Pearla is the nom de plume for young New Yorker Nicole Rodriguez, who writes electronica ...more
Introducing: K Anderson
I confess, there was a moment where I stumbled upon K Anderson's music and genuinely thought it might be the work of two-meter-tall South African te...more
Introducing: Pair of Arrows
When does a pair become a trio? Pair of Arrows is a talented Los Angeles-based new wave electronica act that provides pulsating, all-enveloping synth ...more
Introducing: Annie Taylor
No, not the first person to survive a trip over the Niagara Falls in a barrel back in October 1901. Though, you might be forgiven for thinking that, i...more