Introducing Articles

Introducing: Sara Hartman
Playlists are useful, right? We all love a good playlist. They can't just chuck them together, though. Playlists have to be carefully constructed, ev...more
Introducing: East of My Youth
Icelandic act East of My Youth wrote their new single “Mother” in a small cabin in Whalefjord, right in the middle of nowhere. Iceland, wildernes...more
Introducing: Feral Love
Adele Emmas and Christian Sandford are Feral Love, an electronic duo that have just released their first single, “Like The Wind”. It’s a beautif...more
Introducing: Pink Milk
Bands don't do enough covers, if you ask me. Yeah, you get all the naff Live Lounge covers, but who wants to see a load of personality-less haircuts c...more
Introducing: Few Bits
Few Bits have been one of Belgium's best kept secrets for a while now. The band released their self-titled debut album back in 2013 and it caused qui...more
Introducing: Prism Tats
As a kid, Los Angeles dwelling but Durban, South Africa born Prism Tats aka Garett van der Spek, would dream of the rock stars that he found in his ...more
Introducing: Lucy Dacus
Richmond-based singer songwriter Lucy Dacus is having a productive year. Back in February, her debut album No Burden came out to rave reviews and just...more
Introducing: Christof
Have you ever been on holiday and wished you could just stay there forever? Perpetually sipping pina coladas by a pool in the Caribbean maybe? Or mayb...more
Introducing: Carmody
There are some artists that, after about 10 seconds of listening to a track, you know will be big. They have a special quality; it could be their vo...more
Introducing: Avante Black
Murder in the supermarket aisle isn't usually the subject of a music video, but then it weirdly fits Avante Black's dark sound. The four-piece are b...more