Introducing Articles

Introducing: Tayla
Do you ever find yourself thinking back on summer to all those top notch belters that came out and soundtracked the partying side of the season? It’...more
Introducing: DIANA
What a questionable year this has turned out to be – has there been a bigger let down of the 21st Century so far than 2016? If you’re struggling t...more
Introducing: Basement Revolver
Some music makes you think about warm, colourful days that take you back to summer, and we love that music, but with the sun beginning to slip away be...more
Introducing: Peaness
Let’s take a moment to get the hilarity of this band’s name out of the way, so we can get down to the important stuff. According to their Facebook...more
Introducing: whenyoung
Have you ever listened to a song and loved it, then found out what the lyrics are about and had to suffer a bit from a nasty bout of introspection? Gu...more
Introducing: Xenia Rubinos
It’s been tough writing about anything good this week, with a mind clouded by Wednesday morning’s result and what it means for Trump to have been ...more
Introducing: Hand Habits
In a world of frantic worry and continuous bad news, it’s only natural to feel rather overwhelmed. Let us attempt to sooth you for just a short mome...more
Introducing: Dog Orchestra
Dog Orchestra are a Berlin-based electronic duo, originally hailing from Stockholm. Producers Daniel DePierre and Niklas Malmborg create dark, atmosph...more
Introducing: Georgia Ruth
Georgia Ruth is a Welsh singer songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. Having been touted by The Guardian as “one of the British folk discoveries of t...more
Introducing: Sarah Walk
The topic of dystopian futures is rife within our society these days. Every other day there’s a new journalist writing about the triggering of Arti...more