Introducing Articles

Introducing: Bellevue Days
Think of The Smashing Pumpkins in their psych-loving, Gish era prime. Now think of My Vitriol listening to Gish era Pumpkins in their bedroom. Now ima...more
Introducing: Harrison Brome
Now, here is an artist to get excited about. Harrison Brome was quite ridiculously born in 1996, but he's making music well beyond his years. The Cana...more
Introducing: Soleima
Soleima, aka Copenhagen based musician Sarah Mariegaard follows a long line of Danish artists who are successfully pushing the urban cool pop bracket....more
Introducing: REL
Pegged as a musician who blends the pop credibility of Lorde with the innovative swag of Banks; there’s a chance some will dismiss REL as a copycat...more
Introducing: Speelburg
When Alt-J won the Mercury Award a few years back, they embodied a trend that soon grew tired on everything but the commercial scene. To dismiss an en...more
Introducing: Martha Ffion
A quaint Glasgow based singer songwriter with a hazy, surf-grunge step; Martha Ffion strolls onto the 2015 scene with two must-hear follow ups to her...more
Introducing: Emily Clibourn
Luxurious, jazz inspired vocals are at the fore of Emily Clibourn's new track "Fools Gold". The new single, which is out now through iTunes, is taken...more
Introducing: Widowspeak
Long gone are the days when muddiness defined Widowspeak’s music, and Molly Hamilton’s voice was buried in deep layers of sound. After leaving Bro...more
Introducing: ALTA
Dense, addictive and at times trippy: new electro band ALTA, aka singer Hannah Lesser and producer Julius Dowson, conjure up the sound of the underg...more
Introducing: Willie J Healey
If you hear that a musician plays 'surf rock', a certain picture jumps into your mind. They’re probably from Southern California, with sun bleached ...more