Introducing Articles

Introducing: Joseph
Natalie, Allison and Meegan Closner are three sisters from Portland, Oregon who collectively make up the band Joseph – a name inspired by their Gran...more
Introducing: Babeheaven
West London band Babeheaven are making 90s insipred ethereal electronica and trip-hop, and thank God they are because frankly there isn’t enough of ...more
Introducing: DENA
If you don’t remember DENA from her 2012 hit, “Cash, Diamond Rings, Swimming Pools”, then it’s time to get to know her. She splashed onto the ...more
Introducing: Alice MK
Remember Youngblood Hawke? They did that huge song “We Come Running” in 2012 that made our lives feel a little more exciting when it got played an...more
Introducing: Molly Marlette
Is everyone in Los Angeles a jack of all trades? Or are we only aware of those people because they have their fingers in so many delicious pies? Whate...more
Introducing: Rackett
Can 2016 please be the year we stop being surprised by the concept of the female rock musician? This appeal is for those people who still raise their ...more
Introducing: Bells Atlas
It seems almost criminal to only be introducing Bells Atlas now – a band who have been making music together for about half a decade. The quartet fr...more
Introducing: Terry
When it comes to rock music, sometimes the best way to stand out from the crowd is to have a strong sense of humour. Self-mockery has been a big part ...more
Introducing: The Amazing
Swedish rock band The Amazing have consistently produced great music since 2009, when they released their self-titled debut. To keep things relativel...more
Introducing: Field Mouse
Hailing from Brooklyn and Philly, Field Mouse are an indie rock quintet with a taste for memorable melodies and a second album on the way - the 10-...more