Introducing Articles

Introducing: Lowell
There’s an urgent West Coast-esque drawl to Lowell’s music that calls to mind the slacker pout of firm DrunkenWerewolf favourite EMA and her recen...more
Introducing: Broncho
There’s a scene in Whip It where the wilful would-be boyfriend of Ellen Page’s protagonist Bliss Cavendar performs with his band at a pool party. ...more
Introducing: Freddie Dickson
Freddie Dickson is young, raw, bitter and signed to Columbia Records. Why? He’s young because, well, he wasn’t born very long ago. He’s raw beca...more
Introducing: M+A
Winners of this year's Glastonbury Festival Emerging Talent Competition, Italian duo M+A are continuing to make waves this year with their infectious ...more
Introducing: Black Lizard
The heady scent of psych in a vein similar to The Brian Jonestown Massacre infuses what is otherwise a traditionally lo-fi affair. “Burning” is th...more
Introducing: Laura Jean
With a lilt to her vocal that draws comparison to fellow Australian and darling indie Queen of the month Courtney Barnett, this is Laura Jean – a Me...more
Introducing: Ruu Campbell
This singer songwriter has been introduced to us in the same breath as Nick Drake, John Martyn, Bon Iver, and Nick Mulvey – all suitable comparisons...more
Introducing: 18+
If you haven't made it underground for a while, fear not! It's going overground and we've got some of it for you now; New York/Los Angeles pop duo 18...more
Introducing: Lovers League
Feeling nostalgic for the riffs of a Quentin Tarantino soundtrack? Hold your breath no longer; Lovers League want to take you there and lay it down t...more
Introducing: Dreamers
Dreamers is a New York three piece comprising Nick Wold, Chris Bagamery and Nelson – just, Nelson. Not to worry. With a sound like this, it won’t ...more