Introducing Articles

Introducing: New Pharaohs
Whatever the reasons people may initially have for making music, it’s not uncommon for them to change further down the line; something that may also...more
Introducing: Zuzu
Need some fuzzy, punching alt rock with a catchy chorus in your life? Look no further than Hand in Hive’s latest signee Zuzu and her debut single ...more
Introducing: Frau Pouch
No genre underwent such a flowering as punk, an umbrella genre that covers bands such as Green Day and Fallout Boy at one end of the spectrum, with B...more
Introducing: Breathe Panel
So many people go to University and dream of forming a band. It's the idea that you might happen to meet a kindred spirit on campus who shares your o...more
Introducing: Smerz
Catharina and Henriette, also known as Smerz, have one of the most fashionable sounding singles of the past year. The Copenhagen based Norwegian duo, ...more
Introducing: Biig Piig
Do some digging on YouTube and you’ll find Jess Smyth singing folk songs while playing the ukulele – the most twee instrument out there – and s...more
Introducing: Modern Pleasure
It is always somewhat shocking to find that a band who make music so perfectly suited to a scorching summer’s day are from Britain. Drenched in Vita...more
Introducing: The Tuts
The Tuts are a pop punk band of three girls who practically define female agency. Haven’t heard of them yet? Well you’d better get on that, hadn...more
Introducing: Jones
Cherie Jones, also known as Jones, is a London-based singer songwriter you need to become acquainted with. Her original brand of soul pop has already...more
Introducing: Hollow Mask
Bristol two-piece Hollow Mask excel at making noise pop that recalls the genre’s origins - they’ve got the noisy guitars, the careless vocals, an...more