Introducing Articles

Introducing: Book of Shred
When you hear a name like Book of Shred, you tend to expect face-melting fretwork, leather pants, heavy pyrotechnics, that sort of stuff. Fortunately...more
Introducing: Tied to the Mast
Based in Brighton and comprising guitarists Rhys, Lee and Jim, bassist Ali and drummer Andy, Tied to the Mast have an opening statement that associat...more
Introducing: Dead Crow Pirates
Making the kind of music the Fence collective would have been proud of, this is Dead Crow Pirates – a UK based group of artists who like to make lo-...more
Introducing: Valery Gore
There’s a timeless quality to Valery Gore’s music that heightens her probability of success; she could well become one of the greatest singer song...more
Introducing: Little Scout
Those over at GoldFlakePaint recently premiered a video from this Brisbane based act. Little Scout have been pulling at the heartstrings of blogs acro...more
Introducing: Oscar Scheller
Take the down to earth subject matter of The Wave Pictures and the wide-eyed drool of any decent slacker-pop band formed in the mid-to-late 1990s. Ima...more
Introducing: Emma Tricca
A softly spoken but infectious and intriguing vocal lingers, cajoling a soft pluck of a harp and continuous drone of synth out of bed. Lyrics rise an...more
Introducing: Cajsa Siik
Born of the ever-flourishing Swedish pop scene, the pronunciation of Cajsa Siik’s name may bear repeating, but rest assured by the end of the year w...more
Introducing: Young Rising Sons
Performing the sort of music that calls out for a nationwide platform, Young Rising Sons have the talent to match their soaring heights. The band ha...more
Introducing: T-Toe
T-Toe, aka Terry Owen, is a one man band with a difference. Hailing from almost every corner of the globe, he's now settled into his new home of Bris...more