Introducing Articles

Introducing: Dumb Lovers
Formed by friends Megan Rees and Robin Clark on the south coast at the turn of the year, Dumb Lovers have made swift progress in releasing their deb...more
Introducing: Pleasure House
Midlands four-piece Pleasure House have upped their game this year, with recently released "Calm" showcasing a much more polished and focused outfit...more
Introducing: CLAVVS
CLAVVS, featuring four-time Grammy Award-winner Graham Marsh and vocalist Amber Renee, possess remarkable pedigree. Marsh’s awards have come thro...more
Introducing: BIYO
Heralding from the musical hotbed of Nashville, Biyo couldn’t be further from the traditional country sound that the area is historically synonym...more
Introducing: Lisbon
North East trio Lisbon have packed a lot into their four years together. Since forming at sixth form in 2013, the Whitley natives have shrunk from ...more
Introducing: Sälen
Emerging from East London in the last 12 months, Sälen have already carved out a burgeoning reputation. The trio - namely Ellie Kamio on vocals, ba...more
Introducing: CHILDCARE
Appropriately named for a band whose lead singer proclaims to be one of West London’s most in-demand male nannies, CHILDCARE have done some serious...more
Introducing: Mise En Scene
On the cusp of releasing their second album five years after their 2012 debut Desire’s Despair, Canadian quartet Mise En Scene could be in line for ...more
Introducing: The Neighbourhood Strange
Psych-garage rockers The Neighbourhood Strange came pounding onto the scene in 2016. Their intentions were pretty clear from the get-go: throw punk, 6...more
Introducing: The Vryll Society
Liverpool-based record label Deltasonic is renowned for nurturing bands like The Coral and The Zutons to widespread success in the past. But it’s be...more