Introducing Articles

Introducing: Julia Jacklin
Dear country cynics: if “I bought me a pick-up truck and drank three bottles of whiskey” isn’t your thing, well fine, but for the love of God pl...more
Introducing: Girl Ray
There are precious few things that successfully hook listeners to a track within the first few seconds, but the introduction of a flawless bouncy bass...more
Introducing: China Bowls
China Bowls is the first signed artist by Saffron Records, an emerging label exclusively devoted to music made by women under 24 years of age. Under t...more
Introducing: Bloxx
Here’s a common conundrum: hating your friend’s boyfriend. Here’s a less common conundrum, but a more damning one: hating your friend’s boyfri...more
Introducing: Genders
Sometimes all you want in a song are some fuzz filled guitar riffs and a few angsty lyrics that just get you, you know? If this applies to you, Portla...more
Introducing: Quiet Boy
From its subdued and clean guitar beginnings, “Sundance”, the debut single from Quiet Boy, bursts into life with a heavy poly-rhythmic punch, all ...more
Introducing: SeaWitches
If you, like myself, have been pleased by the recent surge in popularity of post punk, as spearheaded by bands such as Savages and Eagulls, then Liver...more
Introducing: FTRSL
FTRSL (real name Andrew Hunt) is an electronic producer hailing from Ottawa, Canada. He is currently signed to transatlantic label BonFire Records. H...more
Introducing: Savoy Motel
After signing to thriving label What’s Your Rupture?, Nashville band Savoy Motel are ready to release their long awaited debut album. The full leng...more
Introducing: Mullally
The youth of today are on fire, they absolutely are. Yes, they’ve been handed the worst cards in terms of rising university fees, that annoying hous...more