Introducing Articles

Introducing: Field Mouse
Hailing from Brooklyn and Phill, Field Mouse are an indie rock quintet with a taste for memorable melodies and a second album on the way - the 10-t...more
Introducing: Flyying Colours
Have you found yourself a little low on indie psychedelic wave post-punk recently? Well fear not, for Flyying Colours wish to give you all of those t...more
Introducing: Basheba
Alright, so I have to start with a bit of a disclaimer. I shan’t deny I am following upcoming artist Basheba on Instagram mainly for her impeccable ...more
Introducing: Manuela
Earlier this month, Franz Ferdinand announced the departure of rhythm guitarist and songwriter Nick McCarthy from the line up. The band, who formed in...more
Introducing: Lovelace
Lovelace, aka Rebecca Whitbread, isn’t afraid of experimentation, instead taking on multiple genres and instruments for her debut album Lands. Due t...more
Introducing: Bloodboy
There is no doubt that the concept of identity has been a central focus in popular culture for a while now. A space has been opened, and, within that ...more
Introducing: Alice Phoebe Lou
Some voices just get you, don’t they? 22-year-old singer songwriter Alice Phoebe Lou has one of those voices. Her powerful soprano has the ability t...more
Introducing: Koala Voice
Koala Voice are a disco tinged garage indie band from the town of Kisovec in Slovenia. I know, another one! Formed in 2010, their debut album Kangaroo...more
Introducing: Paperwhite
Over the last two years, New York City duo Paperwhite have made a name for themselves with polished synth pop. They have regularly appeared in online...more
Introducing: Twin Graves
Blackpool act Twin Graves debuted last year with their Walk In Circles EP, a post-punk release reminiscent of the darkest work by Joy Division and New...more