Introducing Articles

Introducing: Luna Parks
Negative emotions are often the easiest to convey in music. The catharsis we feel when hearing emotive and sombre records is what made decades of po...more
Introducing: Forest of Tongue
Hailing from Long Beach, California; Forest of Tongue are mining a haphazard experimental sound that retains quite a bit of regional sunshine. As a t...more
Introducing: Moving Panoramas
Imagine Joy Division mixed with new Leeds band Battle Lines, or mid-00s alt pop champions The Chalets. That'd be cool, right? Well, that exists, cou...more
Introducing: IYES
This duo from Brighton comprises Josh Christopher and Melis Soyaslanová. IYES launched their project in 2013, and have since carved a crafty nic...more
Introducing: Little Red Lung
Taking Mary Epworth in one hand and Lissie in the other, Little Red Lung are an alt-rock band with psych tendencies from Los Angeles, that litt...more
Introducing: Lexi Scherr
If you're in need of a quick splash of sugary goodness to wake you up, you can put down that Coke bottle. Lexi Scherr has the audible answer courtesy...more
Introducing: Bête Noire
If you’re into millennial post-punk with a lust for catchy hooks and driving bass lines, than look no further than London-based outfit Bête Noire. ...more
Introducing: Amethysts
The Ancient Greeks believed that wearing amethyst jewellery would protect them from drunkenness and intoxication. It may not be common knowledge (beca...more
Introducing: Pure Bathing Culture
A Portland pair whose world is hailed as 'not real', Pure Bathing Culture return with a new album this October following their effulgent and transpare...more
Introducing: Fleurie
With a new EP due out on 4th September, Fleurie looks set to take up the electro pop gauntlet in 2015. The Nashville based project of Lauren Strahm, ...more