Introducing Articles

Introducing: Boulevards
There are some days when I just close my eyes and pretend it's the 80s. It's a time I was born after, and have no experience of. But when I think abou...more
Introducing: Big Thief
It's always interesting when an artist takes on a new sound. Sometimes it can be great: look at Paul Heaton going from The Housemartins to The Beautif...more
Introducing: Amber Arcades
It's nice when something great gets out of hand, isn't it? That quick ham sandwich you were supposed to be making that turns into The Best Sandwich Ev...more
Introducing: Polo
When you think of Yorkshire you usually think of these things, in this order: rolling hills, Sean Bean and Yorkshire Puddings. It's been home to load...more
Introducing: Wildhoney
Formed all the way back in 2011, Wildhoney have spent the last five years honing their craft, attempting to fuse the riotous energy of hardcore punk...more
Introducing: Wet
Wet’s unlikely rise to fame is arguably one of the most unique stories to have recently taken place in the music industry. This Brooklyn trio recei...more
Introducing: Bishop
A husky, pop preened vocal introduces “Wild Horses”: the new track from Zane Lowe endorsed, Soundcloud chart climbing musician, Bishop. As far re...more
Introducing: Beach Baby
Do you know what I crave at least 90% of the time? Sleep. Lovely, lovely sleep. Beach Baby, the brilliant London based four-piece, know how I feel. "I...more
Introducing: Tacocat
Sometimes artists can take themselves too seriously. As much as it's great to be super serious about your art, it can sometimes come across a little p...more
Introducing: Cash + David
A lot of electronic artists acknowledge that hip hop's a major influence on their music. The big drum beats, the schizophrenic synth and strong rhyth...more