Introducing Articles

Introducing: SuperGlu
Prior to  reading this article, if you'd have thought about the town Manningtree, you'd probably be like, "Oh yeah, that’s the place that lies on...more
Introducing: YEALLOW
Yeallow, a four-piece from Strasbourg, France, label their sound as Brit rock. The band draw from a diverse palette dominated by 90s influences, fort...more
Introducing: Sally Dige
Is this Kate Bush and David Bowie’s lovechild? Or, the younger (and dare we say it cooler) sister of Madonna and Lady Gaga? Whatever her roots, Cana...more
Introducing: EZTV
EZTV don't seem to want to give much away. Signed to the fantastic Captured Tracks, home of Mac Demarco, all their letting on is that they're three gu...more
Introducing: SHERPA
Carsten Sherpa Eliasen, aka SHERPA's quality can be summed up in one line; he's an electro-pop artist from Denmark. If there's one thing that Scandina...more
Introducing: MOVIE
A South London based trio with great style plus an infectious chic, disco-esque sound; MOVIE were surely never to going to be a miss. As art schoo...more
Introducing: Penicillin Baby
High rolling, garage rocking and beer swigging goodness is what you’ll get from this band. Penicillin Baby are a four-piece whose music lives up to ...more
Introducing: Matt Stockl
Sometimes, you don’t need much more than a melody and the will to play. At least, that’s what Scottish singer songwriter Matt Stockl seems to prov...more
Introducing: Furs
If Woman’s Hour decided to forego their measured approach, and try to sound a bit more like, say, 80s Madonna, or Arcade Fire, or M83, or Blur, or s...more
Introducing: Riot !n Magenta
Hailing from the lesser-celebrated musical breeding ground of Singapore, Riot !n Magenta are a sophisticated and accomplished act, combining post rock...more