Introducing Articles

Introducing: Bat Manors
Bat Manors find a home in the relatively unchartered and presumably dusty territory of the Utah music scene. If their new single “Manifest Destiny...more
Introducing: John Moose
It’s that time of year when beautiful ballads can reign supreme, and it looks like John Moose will be the band to deliver a standout winter warmer i...more
Introducing: MOURN
Coming out of the sunny Barcelona scene, MOURN do not present as you might expect. The four-piece comprise Carla Pérez Vas, Jazz Rodríguez Bueno, A...more
Introducing: Wulf
Crashing drums and piano introduces the new track from Wulf. “Fire” is the product of Joshua, Jimmy and Sean: three London-based musicians who are...more
Introducing: Billie Marten
Recently list-oholics Buzzfeed released an article entitled ‘34 Brilliant British Singer-Songwriters to Discover’. Never mind the nonsensical blue...more
Introducing: Brave Shores
Hands up if you love the glorious pop goodness of Architecture in Helsinki? Here’s another act to wet your pop based whistle: Toronto based duo Brav...more
Introducing: Rachel by the Stream
It’s about time someone took up the gauntlet of weird pop music, and Rachel by the Stream looks to be just the band to do it. The project of Melbour...more
Introducing: Brooke Bentham
Eerie, beautiful and consuming: Brooke Bentham’s new song “We’ll Be Ghosts” recalls a time when ballads were ballads, and guitar and vocal wer...more
Introducing: Gaze is Ghost
Pop music doesn’t have to be chirpy to make friends. Just ask serial collaborator and London based singer songwriter Laura McGarrigle – the one wo...more
Introducing: Blonde Bunny
There are moments during the chorus of Blonde Bunny’s “While We’re Sleeping” that sound chart-ready. The same cannot be said of the rest of th...more