Introducing Articles

Introducing: Rosemary Fairweather
Rosemary Fairweather is a 23-year-old artist from Toronto, with a brand of indie pop that is as stunningly gentle as her name. Her first release, “...more
Introducing: Big Wild
What happens when you combine an American with an objective to make the world dance and a Swedish electro pop star with a penchant for meaningful lyri...more
Introducing: Palehound
Lo-fi indie rock is in good hands with Boston-based band Palehound; a name that initially branded the solo project of shredding virtuoso Ellen Kempner...more
Introducing: Hater
Are there many luscious beaches in Sweden? I wouldn’t know as sadly I have yet to go, but it’s difficult to imagine a song like “Radius”, the ...more
Introducing: Big Jesus
Sometimes the slightest difference in a song or a band can turn it from heavy and punishing, into something beautiful. When I first heard the opening ...more
Introducing: No Violet
Finding a band that really catches your ear is always great. Finding a band that are from your city makes them just that little bit more special. So t...more
Introducing: Skott
Newcomer Skott has just released her debut single, “Porcelain”, via Chess Club and B3SCI. So, who is Skott? The singer songwriter is currently ra...more
Introducing: Souveneer
Mason Maggio is a pretty hard working guy. You see, Souveneer isn't the New Yorker's first project. Nor indeed is it his second. He's also fronted a...more
Introducing: Pema
Karaoke bars. We all love them. "They're so naff and tacky," you can tell yourself. "I hate singing in a public space," you whine, but you and I both ...more
Introducing: Anteros
Greek gods are pretty cool, right? Probably the best classical gods, if you ask me. London four piece Anteros know this as well, hence why they've nam...more