Introducing Articles

Introducing: Riot !n Magenta
Hailing from the lesser-celebrated musical breeding ground of Singapore, Riot !n Magenta are a sophisticated and accomplished act, combining post rock...more
Introducing: Pastel Ghost
It’s time once again to get out the list you were making of your favourite musicians from Oakland, as MC Hammer and company make way for the oth...more
Introducing: Siv Jakobsen
Presenting as a softly-sung singer songwriter from the barren landscapes of Asker, Norway; Siv Jakobsen has a trick or two up her sleeve. Namely, she ...more
Introducing: ShirleySaid
Imagine the female equivalent of The Brian Jonestown Massacre’s Anton Newcombe fronting a band inspired by the likes of The Asteroid Galaxy Tour and...more
Introducing: The Jesuits
Sometimes, you tip a band one week only to find they’ve split the next. That’s exactly what happened when Weston-super-Mare band Towns called it q...more
Introducing: Löwin
Represented by kaleidoscope colours and roaring onto the scene with a churning guitar riff and pounding drums; Löwin are a straight-up rock band hail...more
Introducing: Dead Recipe
Dead Recipe are the kind of band to accompany a ride to go on after you die; much like a ghost train at the fair, where you re-witness the best m...more
Introducing: Young Romance
Fire-y guitar, a fighting vocal and persistent percussion to drive the lot. This is “Wasting Time”, the new single from London noise pop duo Young...more
Introducing: Flor
Hood River-via-Los Angeles quartet Flor are all set for the mainstream. Their lead song “Back Again” charters miles for the band, whose fundamenta...more
Introducing: Novella
Something about Novella’s new track “Land Gone” makes for a swirling, dangerously tantalising and ultimately very hypnotic affair. It could be d...more