Introducing Articles

Introducing: Faline
There are some artists who seem so special, so insulated, that it feels a shame to expose them to the wider world. Faline is one of those artists. H...more
Introducing: Sløtface
Technically, "Sponge State" is Sløtface's first single. Well, the first name under the name of Sløtface, anyway. You see up until 1st April 2016, th...more
Introducing: Keto
Anyone that performs at a music event named Not Just A Pretty Face - organised by Feminist Friends in Nottingham - is already a winner in my book. L...more
Introducing: Bryde
For the past 10 years, singer songwriter Sarah Howells, aka Bryde, has been a part of alt folk act Paper Aeroplanes: but she's now ready to become ...more
Introducing: Dam Gila
It's always nice to find an artist who makes music you can truly get lost in: not just someone with a large back catalogue - an artist whose sound i...more
Introducing: Half Japanese Half Muscle
We've all acted the man in Half Japanese Half Muscle's new video. The debut  from the mysterious artist, who spreads himself across London and Toky...more
Introducing: Queue
Queues are not fun. If anything, they're extremely not fun. Whether you're waiting to get served in the club or in a massive line for the loo, we all ...more
Introducing: Shallows
Facebook messenger isn't known for being a hotbed of creativity. Yeah sure, you can organise a trip to the pub and maybe even send a few GIFs, but tha...more
Introducing: Kino Kimino
"Passion is the mashed potato of my love, is the mashed potato of your love," goes the chorus of Kino Kimino's debut single, "Passion". Not the most...more
Introducing: Wolkoff
“The Homecoming” is the lead single taken from Wolkoff’s upcoming debut album, Without Shame. In the video, a dog (played by a naked woman in ...more