Introducing Articles

Introducing: Sea Girls
Sea Girls, seagulls, get it? You’d think this summery quartet would be from the depths of Torquay or the far reaches of a Cornish beach, with enough...more
Introducing: Malihini
Malihini, for those of you unfamiliar with either Hawaiian or Lilo & Stitch, is essentially the island state’s word for newcomer. Which is fitti...more
Introducing: Eat Fast
If lo-fi punk pop is your bag, then Eat Fast are definitely your new favourite band. Even if it’s not for you, it’s hard to deny that the Newcastl...more
Introducing: Steph Barrak
"This feels so familiar. Don't you feel it too?" We do, Steph Barrak, and it does. It feels like every winter spent chasing something warmer than a ...more
Introducing: Cairobi
Looking for some vibrant and eclectic sounds to shake up a compilation of four-piece guitar rock and contemporary pop? Check out London-based quartet ...more
Introducing: Middle Kids
There’s a lot to be apprehensive about regarding the New Year: the towering heights of expectations that always come with planning a good New Year...more
Introducing: Flower Girl
Bandcamp sensation Flower Girl have been getting some significant attention from a number of indie magazines over the past few months, as the Brooklyn...more
Introducing: Gemology
Remember the first time you heard School of Seven Bells? Or Purity Ring? Or even - why not - New Order? Fucking magical, right? It felt like someone h...more
Introducing: Two Legs
London musician Two Legs began his musical career playing in indie rock and punk bands, but he has been progressively moving towards electronic and ...more
Introducing: Inca Maps
There is something unbelievably satisfying about a track that hooks you from the start, only to catch you out halfway by going in a slightly different...more