Introducing Articles

Introducing: Amelie McCandless
French singer songwriter Amelie McCandless draws from Americana, folk and traditional music genres to create an enchanting and mesmeric sound. Lik...more
Introducing: Aurora
We've reached the point where we accept that, if we see the word 'Scandinavian' in a description, we already know what we've got ourselves into: ge...more
Introducing: Actor
Actor doesn't exactly have the most Google-able name. No matter how many times you type the words 'Actor', 'musician' and 'singer' into the search en...more
Introducing: FOXTROTT
Montreal has a long history of producing high quality left field pop and electro stars. FOXTROTT doesn't attempt to buck the trend. The Canadian equ...more
Introducing: Saltwater Sun
Who didn't love a bit of The Cardigans, back in the day? New Hand in Hive signees Saltwater Sun conjure up the same level of infectious revere famed...more
Introducing: Milk Teeth
As the latest signees to Hopeless Records, scuzz-rock band Milk Teeth know how to make a decent racket - though the self-proclamation that they've got...more
Introducing: The Villettes
The Villettes’ music is punctuated by warming guitar and a vocal that heads straight for your heart. The Austin based four-piece recently released t...more
Introducing: Beloved Binge
Punk rock – and we mean, real punk rock – doesn’t seem to exist beyond the boundaries of a few select states. Which means we’re more than happ...more
Introducing: Inti Rowland
Lying somewhere between Grizzly Bear and Nick Drake; this is Inti Rowland, a now London based artist who’s just released his debut album, 17th Centu...more
Introducing: Wilsen
The latest act to take on the understated experimental scene; Wilsen is the project of Tamsin Wilsen, a New York based artist whose penchant fo...more