Compact Discussion

Jimmy Eat World – Futures (2004)
Few songs can ever encapsulate a moment. Sure, live performances can easily imprint a set list of memories, but in trying to remember an individual li...more
They Might Be Giants – The Spine (2004)
If the Group Recording Unimportant Music Polls (GRUMP) decided to find out how each and every They Might Be Giants fan was exposed to the band, I imag...more
Fifth Day of Halloween: Patrick Wolf – Lycanthropy (2004)
Halloween is special to us. The eve of All Saints’ Day marks DrunkenWerewolf’s Christmas, birthday and heyday if ever there was one. In previous y...more
Sufjan Stevens – Seven Swans (2004)
Few things make more sense than Sufjan Stevens and a banjo. This unassuming Michigan man and his most familiar instrument have entwined many a soul, r...more
Interpol – Antics (2004)
Interpol’s Antics is one of the few paper CD cases that survived hauling to Liverpool from Bristol multiple times over the course of my University y...more
Franz Ferdinand – Franz Ferdinand (2004)
A recent Pitchfork feature on Franz Ferdinand focused on the albums which defined their formative years. When Alex Kapranos was ten, he was besotted w...more
Soulwax – Any Minute Now (2004)
Soulwax; Belgium’s answer to pretty much everything. Against the whole premise of Compact Discussion, I survived on MP3s by the band for a good year...more
Auf der Maur – Auf der Maur (2004)
Brash, empowering and more than a little sultry, Melissa Auf der Maur exploded onto the scene in 2004 with her debut solo album Auf der Maur. The reco...more
Sons and Daughters – Love the Cup (2004)
In 2004 quietly, quietly a band crept through the masses of band t-shirts and Fender wielding scenesters to present the world with something that they...more
The Killers – Hot Fuss (2004)
It was late 2003. I was out, as I was every Friday night, at Ramshackle - a congregation of people wearing studded belts, black leggings and Converse....more