Introducing: Annie Taylor
No, not the first person to survive a trip over the Niagara Falls in a barrel back in October 1901. Though, you might be forgiven for thinking that, i...more
Introducing: Outsider
To be the first artist featuring your native tongue – in this case, Irish Gaelic – in a mainstream video game (here, FIFA 2018) is quite a feather...more
5 Top Tracks From Last Week
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Introducing: Circe
Music doesn't come much fresher than this. With her debut single "Blood and Wine" released only a few days ago and barely a trace of her online (with ...more
Introducing: Rob Bravery
Rob Bravery appears to have really found his sound over the last 12 months. Bristol's answer to James Blake, the former keyboard player for Alessi's ...more
Preview: Amplify 2017 with BBC Introducing
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Introducing: Grace Lightman
Grace Lightman's blend of psych-pop has a certain faded feeling to it. While it's pristinely produced - her latest track, "Fangs", was worked upon by...more
Introducing: Baker Island
Having just returned from visiting my granddad in Tyneside, it seems appropriate that my next recommendation is a Newcastle based artist. Baker Island...more
5 Top Tracks from Last Week
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Introducing: Lorenza
There is a certain sleekness to everything this Guildford-based quartet of indie rockers produces. Lorenza use an anthemic pop sound, appealing to fan...more