Beaty Heart release video for “Banana Bread”
With an acclaimed debut album behind them in the form of Mixed Blessings and several successful festival performances this summer, Beaty Heart have an...more
Bat and Ball release “Lizard Cuts”
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Introducing: Lowell
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Hyde & Beast share new video for “Open Your Heart”
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Foreign Films share five-song preview from new album The Record Collector
The Foreign Films have returned with a very special gift to the world in the shape of a five-song preview from their forthcoming double LP The Record ...more
Introducing: Broncho
There’s a scene in Whip It where the wilful would-be boyfriend of Ellen Page’s protagonist Bliss Cavendar performs with his band at a pool party. ...more
The Anchoress streams “Long Year”
An anchoress is defined as, “A woman who is an anchorite - a person who lives in seclusion, especially a religious recluse; hermit; one who has reti...more
Sylvan Esso unveil video for “Dreamy Bruises”
Sylvan Esso have shared the new video to their single “Dreamy Bruises”, taken from their debut which came out earlier this year (see here for revi...more
Introducing: Freddie Dickson
Freddie Dickson is young, raw, bitter and signed to Columbia Records. Why? He’s young because, well, he wasn’t born very long ago. He’s raw beca...more
Introducing: M+A
Winners of this year's Glastonbury Festival Emerging Talent Competition, Italian duo M+A are continuing to make waves this year with their infectious ...more