Introducing: SIREN
Vibrant, sexy and untreatably infectious are all qualities of great pop songs. LA-based female duo SIREN have sourced modern pop classics to deliver t...more
Falling Stacks release “Burning Platform” video
Get ready to dive into the latest video by Bristol ‘frowncore’ trio Falling Stacks: Burning Platform. The song comes from their Vizsla EP, out now...more
Turbowolf unveil “Solid Gold” video and download
If you’re waiting around for music to return to its fiercest days of rock’n’roll, then it’s got to be some wonder that you’ve not yet heard ...more
Introducing: JAWS
Often too much is made of a number of bands coming from a certain place at a certain time to form a ‘thriving scene’. However a trio of acts have ...more
Courtney Barnett unveils “Anonymous Club” video
Australian sing-songwriter Courtney Barnett has managed to find the perfect visual conduit to infuse her latest single Anonymous Club. Directed by Cel...more
Arum Rae shares “Something’s Happening To Me”
Energetically jazzed up and lyrically quite potent, the new single Something's Happening To Me by Brooklyn’s latest siren Arum Rae has been streamed...more
Premiere: The Honey Ants’ “Lies (See You Again)” video
We've got our grubby little hands on a 24 hour premiere of The Honey Ants' new video for their song "Lies (See You Again)", their forthcoming single ...more
Marika Hackman releases “Deep Green” live video
We wouldn’t believe that a new Marika Hackman record was out if there wasn’t an intimate live performance to accompany it. True to beautiful habit...more
Dustin Tebbutt shares new “Bones” video
With his impeccable, incomparable vocal style and meticulous attention to keeping your eardrums cadenced, Sweden-based artist and producer Dustin Tebb...more
Kyla La Grange releases new video for “The Knife”
Kyla La Grange's long awaited second album Cut Your Teeth is nearing, with a release date in the UK of 2nd June through Sony Red. We thought that alon...more


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