Introducing: Stef Chura
The splashy, alternative rock of Stef Chura is starting to garner some solid attention from both sides of the Atlantic. Hailing from Alpena in Michig...more
Introducing: White Bee
The streets of Detroit have gone through a cultural renaissance over the past 5 years. The sights, sounds, and flavors of the city are bursting with a...more
Introducing: Graveyard Club
"This famous linguist once said that of all the phrases in the English language, of all the endless combinations of words in all of history, that 'cel...more
Introducing: Aaron Taos
Brooklyn-based musician Aaron Taos has put out four singles so far this year, impressively uploading a new track to his Soundcloud account every three...more
Introducing: Clouds And Thorns
As you can probably tell from much of the up and coming artists we've introduced to you here on DrunkenWerewolf, I have a penchant for dark and gloomy...more
Introducing: Drahla
As if starting a successful touring band was not hard enough, let's all spare a thought for the DIY acts that are doing almost everything for themselv...more
Introducing: Dave Depper
Not many stories begin while rummaging through Craigslist, and end with traveling across the world on tour with one of the biggest players in music. S...more
Introducing: grandson
Politics in music can so often come off as try-hard or superficial. But in the case of grandson, a 23-year-old punk rocker from Toronto, it feels effo...more
Introducing: Mountains of the Moon
If you ever want a steady stream of beautiful music then Wave of Good Noise, a playlist curated from the medieval Swiss town of Neuchâtel, is a good ...more