Whales In Cubicles share new demo “The Kid”

The KidIndie grunge band Whales In Cubicles have shared their brand new demo “The Kid”. Complete with lyrics and grainy stock footage that mirrors the dawn of winter “The Kid” is the first new music we’ve heard from the band since the release of their debut Death In The Evening earlier this year.

Bearing the many hallmarks that we’ve come to know them for, “The Kid” is understated in its delivery. Though we are aware that the song is only a demo, the video and the sound point to that lo-fi end of indie folk that has been popularised by artists in the past few years.

As it broods, “The Kid” stretches and opens itself up, revealing tiny little nuances; a bass line that snuck in when you didn’t notice, the layered vocals that made the track elevate above its early beginnings.

We’ve yet to hear what may come of “The Kid”, will we see the final cut as a standalone single or will it be part of a new year EP? Quite frankly these questions are small fry, who cares what becomes of it, Whales In Cubicles are back.

 Whales In Cubicles play The Louisiana on 27th November. Tickets and full dates for their tour can be found here.


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