Stream: Waxahatchee returns with melodic rock single “Never Been Wrong” حساب الفوريكس بيع شراء الذهب Never Been WrongWaxahatchee will return on 14th July 2017 with her highly anticipated new album, اسهم الاسمنت السعوديه Out In the Storm, a follow-up to 2015's افضل شركة للتداول Ivy Tripp that's been recorded in the company of co-producer, recording engineer, and mixer John Agnello. To celebrate the upcoming release, musician Katie Crutchfield is streaming her new single, "Never Been Wrong". You can listen to the track below. ما معنى تم تداوله بمحفظتة الأسهم Crutchfield already has an army of fans on her side thanks to a solid career of melodic rock. Waxahatchee first appeared on the scene with debut album  وسطاء تداول الخيارات الثنائية American Weekend in 2012, which saw Crutchfield sign to Don Giovanni Records (the same label as DrunkenWerewolf favourite المتصل الأول بالفوركس Laura Stevenson). Having transferred to Merge Records via Wichita Records over the past few years, the Alabama-based artist is now readying her fourth album, valutahandel hjälp Out In the Storm.

تعلم التداول بالذهبA running theme on the album is accepting your own imperfections that you’ve been trying really hard to hide,” says Crutchfield, the sole member of Waxahatchee, of the album. "It reminded me of being a teenager again, how I wrote songs then, and how huge that felt. It’s like that moment you walk away from a fight and you realise all of the things you should have said. This record is me saying all of that out loud alone as a personal practice. It’s sad and it's angry, and I think being both at the same time proved to be a powerful motivation for me."

الخيار الثنائي التي تقبل باي بال "Never Been Wrong" offers a tantalising glimpse of what's to come, and was recorded alongside other tracks on the album at Miner Street Recordings in Philadelphia. Like Katie's previous work it uses melodic rock to its advantages, but it has an air of punk rock coming of age, reinventing the genre for the 21st Century.

Listen to "Never Been Wrong" by Waxahatchee below.

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