Stream: Wavves declare independence with “Animal”

AnimalAmerican indie rockers Wavves have shared their new single "Animal", taken from their upcoming album You're Welcome.

"Animal" is an essential piece of noise pop, all fuzzed out guitars that almost, but not quite, hide the expert grasp of melody within. It's the sound of Wavves finding confidence with their newfound independence. The band recently left Warners, as lead singer Nathan Williams explains: "I figured it would run the same as [prior label] Fat Possum, just with more people. I was wrong. I'd never come in contact with such a poorly run company in my life," says Williams. "It was anarchy. Nobody knew what they were doing. Turnover rate was like an American Apparel. It was really all cons - unless you're a cash cow. For everyone else, major labels can't help you. Maybe at one time they could, but that time is dead."

This experience of Warners' incompetence led to Williams setting up his own label, Ghost Ramp: "I figured if these idiots could get by, we could do it a hundred times better."

Via Ghostramp, Williams isn't just putting out Wavves' new record, he's signing other local garage bands, funding his tours, and schooling DIY artists in how to create and distribute merchandise in a way that supports your career, as well as providing future security where nobody else can. As for Warners, that cash advance helped pay for this store. The rest came from the money Wavves made from merchandise during 2016's Summer Is Forever II Tour with Best Coast and Cherry Glazerr.

"I thought Ghost Ramp would be a hobby, doing seven inches here and there. But now it's a legitimate business," says Williams. "The thing is I'm not just interested in making music for Wavves. I'm too ADD. Being an entrepreneur, being hands on isn't just smart, it's necessary. Your art is everything you do, every choice you make. I was able to build my own thing, own it and control it all 100%. If I want to do something now I don't ask anyone. I just fucking do it - that's priceless."

You're Welcome is out 19th May 2017 on Ghost Ramp. Find out more about Wavves and listen to "Animal" below:


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