Video: The Anchoress returns to dancing-roots on “You And Only You”

The Anchoress - You And Only YouMulti-instrumentalist and songwriter The Anchoress has shared a new video for her latest single, "You And Only You". The song is taken from her forthcoming debut album Confession of a Romance Novelist, due on 15th January 2016.

The new video reveals The Anchoress, real name Catherine Anne Davies, as a moving self portrait; swaying and dancing in reference to her misspent youth training to become a dancer. Catherine's career soon ended when she broke her back and pelvis in a fall, which led to locking herself away at the piano to work on her early recordings.

"You And Only You" burns with passion and sorrow as Catherine's gorgeous vocals come toe-to-toe with the operatic tones of Mansun's Paul Draper, who joins as guest vocalist.

Talking about the song, The Anchoress explains: "Originally it was something I’d written for my best friend, who had just come out of her first long term relationship after enduring horrific brain surgery from a burst aneurysm. Lyrically, I guess it continues with the album’s dominant themes of deconstructing normative ideas of love and romance. No 'baby, baby''s here. This woman just basically wants you to leave her the fuck alone."

Watch the video for "You And Only You" below. For more information on The Anchoress, head over here.


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