Video: Choir of Young Believers offer expansive electronica on “Jeg Ser Dig”

Jeg Ser DigHaving recently revealed the details of upcoming album Grasque, Copenhagen based Choir of Young Believers have shared a video for their new song “Jeg Ser Dig”. The smoldering electronica of the song is music as atmospherics. It sounds like a song from a film soundtrack that, at least of yet, does not quite exist. Washing over the listener like an aural wave, “Jeg Ser Dig” is an addictive piece of electro pop.

The video for the song is a collaboration between Sarag Laub, Frederik Sølberg and Choir of Young Believers front man Jannis Noya Makrigiannis. It sees Makrigiannis embark on a motorcycle adventure. Symbolically this works perfectly with the song. The expansive nature of the open highway and the need for freedom meshes perfectly with "Jeg Ser Dig", creating a package that feeds into and reinforces itself.

According to Makrigiannis this is reflective of the upcoming album as a whole: "With almost all of these songs, I had been in doubt. Some, I felt, were too poppy, others too experimental -- some didn’t even feel like songs, but more like trips, or feelings. Some even had Danish and Greek lyrics. But now, it’s all Choir of Young Believers to me, and it feels great to have pushed the walls around the band, giving it a bit more space. It’s weird for me to think about all that doubt -- ”Could I do this? Could I do that? I mean, it’s my fucking band. I can do what I want with it. Right?"

Grasque is out 19th February 2016 on Ghostly International. Find out more about Choir of Young Believers on Facebook. Watch the video for "Jeg Ser Dig" below:


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