Video: Chagall gets psychedelic for “Aroma’s Haul” best forex stock broker aroma's haulLondon-based Dutch singer and producer صحة مواقع الفوركس Chagall has unveiled a brand new single and video, "Aroma's Haul", that combines psychedelia and cutting edge technology for a performance that's out of this world.

اسهم مؤسسة الإمارات للإتصالات الان The track was recently showcased at Rich Mix (8th June 2017), and commanded quite the audience, as Chagall demonstrated the subtly of sound and expression that she can bring to her music using technology such as Mi.Mu gloves. These gloves allow her to modify live vocals, synthesise sounds and control live visuals using intuitive hand gestures. What she creates is something between live music and performance art that wouldn't look out of place at the Tate Modern. منتدى الفوركس The video for "Aroma's Haul" takes the sound Chagall has been developing using the gloves a step further. It conjures up a visual feast of psychedelics that is both unnerving and inviting. The song itself, like so many being released at the moment, is driven by social commentary around immigration and what it is to be living in a foreign land.  This is perhaps the energy behind a video that is so familiar (think تجارة الاسهم بدون خسارة Lady GaGa and تسجيل في الاسهم السعودية الراجحي Bjork) and yet distinctly alien, not quite sitting in any recognisable genre.

اسعار الذهب فى السعودية اليوم The video was directed by  تداول اسهم حقيقيه Eduardo Fitch, himself originally hailing from Mexico but now living and working in London.

Check the video for "Aroma's Haul" here: الفوركس العربى


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