Video Bonanza 7: featuring Evans the Death, Buffalo Clover, Marina & the Diamonds and Last Harbour

It’s been a super busy week in the world of music videos, with new releases from Grammy award winning artists to young fledglings destined for stardom. But never mind differences in popularity, all submissions have something in common - they smash expectations out of the park and promise a roller coaster ride for the festivals of 2012. ATPSXSW-what?

Fortuna POP!’s latest signees Evans the Death recall chaotic Riot Grrrl alongside mod-pop and bedroom lo-fi. Not that they let their influences interfere with their video for “Telling Lies”, which features an all gender brawl before the girls of the group decide to take their clothes off.

Recently confirmed for Indietracks, the band will perform in various locations across London this month in anticipation of their debut album Telling Lies, due out in April.

After kicking up a stink with their Halloween release last year, Moon Duo are set to return to the UK with a Record Store Day 7” release of remixes. DrunkenWerewolf doesn’t usually go in for rehashing old material, but the Sonic Boom remix of “Scars” is something to set your ears on.

Moon Duo will tour the UK in June, including an appearance at No Direction Home. For more information go here.

Moon Duo - Scars (Sonic Boom Remix)(Official Video) from Souterrain Transmissions on Vimeo.

The Civil Wars performed at a splattering of festivals last year, but in 2012 we’ll have to make do with a run of 10 gigs this month. Awww. Still, you can cheer yourself up by repeatedly listening to the duo’s cover of Portishead’s “Sour Times”.

Another artist promising great things for the future is Lucy Rose, who recently teamed up with half-German, half-Australian artist SIREN to record new single “The Surrender”, due out on April 9th.

To celebrate SIREN have released a video for b-side “Buckets of Blood”, available to view below.

Alongside a fresh set of dates for March and April, Last Harbour return with a live performance of “The Heath”, recorded last year by singer Kevin Craig and pianist Gina Murphy in St Margaret's Church, Manchester.

For live dates go here.

Last Harbour - The Heath (live) from LittleRedRabbit on Vimeo.

As expectations for Marina and the Diamonds’ return reach galactic proportions, the Welsh native has eased a little of the pressure with a video for new single “Primadonna”, due for release on 16th April.

The song is the first single from new album Electra Heart, due for release April 30th. Marina “isn’t doing” UK festivals this year. BOO.

Finally, “Hey Child” might belong in the far off glow of Nashville, but Buffalo Clover are sure to soundtrack some heady days in the sun this summer. Get warmed up below.


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