Video: Beat Degeneration takes on the world in “Nations”

NationsFollowing the release of debut album Dream Machine, a 10 track slacker-punk polemic, Guido Giorgi a.k.a Beat Degeneration has released a video for album track "Nations".

The first track to be taken from the album, "Nations" is a perfect summary of Giorgi's view of the status quo, proclaiming his disdain for the state of the world alongside a call for friendship and togetherness.

The video for "Nations" plays on what Beat Degeneration represent, showcasing itself as a crisp summer show reel of good times and goofing around. From the general store to dried up swimming pools, the band find themselves against the grainy backdrop of sunny days and balmy evenings. It only makes it more poignant that amongst all the fun the video promotes, Guido can pose the question, "Why does everybody hate this world?"

Having previously appeared as a member of Jennfier Gentle (SubPop Records), Guido wears his heart on his sleeve and combines all things punk, indie and pure outlandishness into his own unique brand of noise pop for the youthful and the disaffected. Beat Degeneration is unapologetic in virtually everything they do and, much like the work of Ty Segall & Black Lips, they are able to seamlessly transform punk-infused noise pop into unforgettable and truly exhilarating music.

Dream Machine is out now on Weiner Records. Download it for free here.

Find out more about Beat Degeneration and watch "Nations" below:


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