News: The Anchoress announces debut album Confessions Of A Romance Novelist

Confessions Of A Romance NovelistThe Anchoress (aka multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, PhD and producer Catherine Anne Davies) has announced a date for her debut album, Confessions Of A Romance Novelist.

Something of a concept album, Davies explains that the album aims to explore notions of "deconstructing normative ideas of love and romance." Each song is sung by a different character, "what you might call a musical ghost writing of sorts."

Confessions Of A Romance Novelist is co-produced by Mansun’s Paul Draper. Draper helped to capture the collection of songs on which Davies played a variety of instruments, including piano, guitar, flute, omnichord, mellotron, wurlitzer, glockenspiel, and celeste, as well as multi-tracking up to 25 vocal harmonies on some of the songs.

Yet, recording was interrupted by a series of events that threatened to derail the project completely, including Davies injuring her hand so badly during a 48-hour recording session that she was told she might not play again and had to wear a metal cast for 6 months. She says: "This has been made on a wing and a prayer, lots of favours, one car crash, one death, one broken hand, and a lot of patience on so many parts. Stir in 3 jobs, 4 studios, 2 arrests, 3 pianos, 40 songs and 1 very patient engineer… and you get some way to understanding what a long road it has been."

Confessions Of A Romance Novelist is released 8th January 2016 on KScope. Find out more about The Anchoress on her website. Stream the album track "Popular" below:


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