Tasseomancy release “The Grass Harp”

glass harpTasseomancy has released “The Grass Harp” the first track from their recently announced sophomore album Palm Wine Revisited, due out 5th May via Healing Power Records.

Before even a single word is uttered imagery of barren tundras, figures wading through forests and the soft thrum of eerie magic ebbs from the fabric of “The Grass Harp”. The reverb soaked vocals of the Lightman twins recalls the first notes of Simon and Garfunkel’s “Scarborough Fair”, with twinges of the Italian rock noir ghouls Belladonna.

Those immediate comparisons are quickly absorbed, as the song becomes an ethereal descent into a murky world of swirling melodies and luscious instrumentation. Over its lengthy 6-minute runtime “The Grass Harp” becomes a journey unlike any other, a combination of many tried and tested styles, which is wrapped in densely layered mysticism. It’s as strong a release as one could hope for from Tasseomancy and we can only hope that The Palm Revisited follows suit.

Palm Wine Revisited is an audible introduction to the diverse range of Tasseomancy, a collection of tracks inspired by This Mortal Coil’s It’ll End In Tears. Out 5th May on both Vinyl and digitally it promises to be a welcome addition to 2015s already impressive roster of releases.


If you enjoyed “The Grass Harp” why not listen to the second track released from the album “Braid. Wind Is Coming”.


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