Stream: Tasseomancy share magical dream pop of “Missoula”

missoulaTasseomancy aka Canadian twin sisters Sari and Romy Lightman have unveiled new single, "Missoula'.

Taken from their upcoming album Do Easy, it's a lushly accessible dream pop track. Hypnotic and luxurious, it's a song with magical qualities.

Tasseomancy say of the track: ""Missoula" is a song for the roaming and an ode to the Unknown. There are so many transient people on the planet today, both fleeing and voluntarily in motion. I can’t speak for their experience, but as an artist, I find myself moving often. There is the desire to stay, the urge for going, and the split feelings of being a floating, uprooted bag of mostly water. Missoula has a repetitive hebraic melody at it’s centre, coming from a lineage of wandering Jews. A nod to one of my favourite Pentangle recordings, "Let no man steal your thyme"."

Alongside the Lightman sisters, "Missoula" also features Johnny Spence on synth, Evan Cartwright on drums and Brodie West on saxophone.

Written in Toronto and Montreal, "Do Easy was written as a deadbeat anthem for a generation who was told that anything is possible after the possibility slows. "

Do Easy is out 18th November 2016 on Bella Union.

Find out more about Tasseomancy on Facebook and stream "Missoula" below:


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