New DrunkenWerewolf music industry advice mailout launches!

music industry adviceWe're gearing up to launch our new subscription service here at DW HQ, and very excited about it, we are. Read on to find out why you should be, too!

Launching Monday 6th March 2017, the revamped mailout will provide readers with exclusive feature and interview articles, advice columns, career news and opportunities, and giveaways - all designed to help you kickstart your career in the music industry. The March content is all set up and ready to go, courtesy of DIY Swindon musician Gaz Brookfield; who speaks about life on the road and building his career from the ground up, and our very own Tiffany Daniels, who gives some great tips for starting your own music blog and, importantly, making a career out of it. Plus we're giving away a pair of white and gold Sennheiser wireless headphones to one lucky subscriber so they can listen to music without compromise; a particularly handy asset for any bedroom recorders out there.

So why head in this direction? DrunkenWerewolf has always been committed to helping people without expecting any kind of give back: whether through supporting unrepresented and unsigned artists, organising charity gigs, or offering advice to the people who are now in the same position we were a few years ago (or 10 *old*). Recently we realised this last point hasn't been covered as much as it should have been on the blog, and so we want to say: we're here, come ask us questions. We know what it's like to feel like you're shouting at a brick wall, and to give loads of time voluntarily in the name of 'building up your career'. we've never been shy about giving away 'industry secrets' or honest tips for starting or growing your career as a blogger, freelance writer, marketing buddy, musician or whatever, and now we're ready to give that advice loud and proud. And when our advice kind of sucks, we're going to reach out to our more successful peers for some insight.

If you've not yet signed up to receive the all new and shiny DrunkenWerewolf Subscription Service, now is the time! The first article will go out on 6th March 2017 at 18:00, just in time for tea.

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