Stream: Basement Revolver break hearts with “Tree Trunks”

Tree TrunksHamilton, Ontario-based band Basement Revolver are making a name for themselves as an act that crafts gorgeous, heartbreaking songs out of the pop punk genre. Following a successful 2106, they return with a new single called "Tree Trunks". Stream the track below.

"Tree Trunks" takes a back seat to the building rock crescendo of debut and breakthrough single "Johnny", and slows things down to an affecting beat. The sense of urgency has gone from frontwoman Chrisy Hurn's voice to be replaced by a sense of mournful regret. Its emotiveness is incredibly powerful, proving Basement Revolver don't need to resort to melodic histrionics to pull their audience in.

Chrisy says of the single: ""Tree Trunks" was written when I started experiencing panic attacks for the first time, and my increasing need to find a professional who could help me to find better ways to cope. It also tries to mirror how I imagine the environment feels sometimes - and how the environment is tied to many people's mental health. I was very fortunate to find the help that I needed and I would encourage everyone to go after the mental health resources that are available to them."

The song originally premiered on The Fader, and has since enjoyed attention from Little Indie and We Are Going Solo. It's taken from new EP Agatha, which is due out 21st July 2017 via Yellow K Records in the US, and Fear of Missing Out in the UK.

Listen to Basement Revolver's "Tree Trunks" below:


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