Stream: San Fermin take a personal perspective on “No Promises”

San Fermin are back with "No Promises"Brooklyn-based chamber-pop group San Fermin have shared new song "No Promises", taken from their upcoming album Belong.

Showing off a new synthpop influence, "No Promises" takes the group's personal experience of touring to look more widely at the fear of disappointing loved ones.

"No Promises" was the last song I wrote for this record, and it’s addressed directly to my bandmates," says bandleader Ellis-Ludwig Leone about the track. "We’ve spent the past few years together; I just realised how much of their lives they've devoted to being in this band. It’s overwhelming to think about. The verses are about how touring can go from this exciting thing to feeling like you’re quite literally going in circles. The bridge is a rapid fire list of things they’ve been required to do: early flights, all night drives, maintaining long-distance relationships, etc. But really the song is about the fear of disappointing the people you love."

Written and produced by Ellis Ludwig-Leone, Belong marks a shift in songwriting style from the band's previous albums. Writing from a personal perspective for the first time, Ludwig-Leone confronts everything from disconnection, displacement, and, perhaps most significantly, everyday anxiety.

Belong is out 7th April 2017 on Downtime/Interscope.

Find out more about San Fermin and listen to "No Promises" below.


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