ReverbNation: Sweet Oblique

Sweet ObliqueWelcome to DrunkenWerewolf’s ReverbNation column; a place where you’ll find the fruits of our labour following out partnership with the app and social media music goliath. Over the next three months, we’ll be scouring submissions through their website to bring a selection of the finest to your ears.  

First up are a four-piece whose talent makes for a fitting introduction. Sweet Oblique may have a sound honed to the 90s rock of yore, but they’re nevertheless a welcome addition to our current scene and a sharp reminder that the decade wasn’t solely comprised of men in oversized t-shirts. Letters to Cleo and Spiderbait dust a healthy dose of attitude onto their music, while bands such as Portishead, Smashing Pumpkins and Jesus & Mary Chain are quoted as inspiration. The sum of these parts is best displayed on their song “Only When I See You”, which is available to stream below.

The band formed in November 2010 and has since been working their local scene, performing rock and alternative venues across Florida. Bassist Matt and drummer Ribeye call the state home, but front woman Angel O0omg hails from Detroit and guitarist Pboss from Seattle. Their penchant for travel doesn’t stop there; Sweet Oblique regularly works the road, playing gigs up and down America.

For more information on the band head over here, and listen to “Only When I See You” below.


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