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Welcome to DrunkenWerewolf’s ReverbNation column; a place where you’ll find the fruits of our labour following out partnership with the app and social media music goliath. Here are our final results.

Over the past few months I’ve spoken to a lot of people who believe the current crop of new talent lacks a certain je ne sais quoi to make it ‘big’. It seems like, since the heady days of 2005, we’ve been starved of musicians creating a racket on and off the charts. Putting aside our Tips for 2014, if anyone’s got the power to break the underground and mainstream, it’s this band; San Francisco’s Subculture.

Yes okay, their sound is certainly tried and tested. Subculture are one quarter Art Brut, on quarter The Rakes, one quarter classic punk and one quarter skinny jeans from Topshop. While this might not inspire particular members of DrunkenWerewolf’s audience, let’s not forget we’re trying to break the mainstream here too. That lot don't like to be overly challenged. On top of that, if anyone from the last decade’s indie pop is going to be awarded a revival, I’d prefer it to be Art Brut or The Rakes. Or maybe you’re more of a Razorlight fan, who knows?

Since they formed in 2011, Subculture have been preparing for battle. Recruiting the help of iTunes, their first studio produced single “Paul Newman” has secured the band a steady following. With a video for the song and debut EP due out in the not too distant future, Subculture are revving up a gear towards success in the next twelve months. Whether that’s chart success, only time will tell, but we reckon they have a decent chance of making it.

Listen to “Paul Newman” below and find out more about Subculture here.


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  1. mario savioni 21/12/2013 at 9:28 am #

    I know these guys, not well, but well enough. Everyone goes around the room and plays each instrument at least once and they all sing. As Aj Verzosa said to me the other night, its like they all should be doing solo work. I suggested that they each do their own kind of music instead of just the “Joy Division”-like sound, which is flawless if you’ve ever heard them in concert. They are so tight that its like listening to a metal instrument honed to precision. Still, as I am most familiar with Kevin Batchelor, who was kind enough to edit my book. He’s heading for a Master’s in English Literature, so you can imagine his lyrics. He impresses me with frequent ditties he writes that remind me of a combination of a contemporary love ballad and classical Spanish guitar. Alex Buckley is another band member I know a little more than the other two. I kept telling him he needed to be an English Professor, his literary analytical skills are akin to the geniuses I used to listen to at University, but then I saw them in concert and they are all so great, so many talents, not to mention that Buckley is actually studying for a Master’s in Special Ed because he has such an affinity with people with special needs. He has a spiritual charisma that brings them to his side and without him it’s not the same. I don’t know AJ or Batchelor’s sister as well, but they are just as talented and genuine as Batchelor and Buckley. They all are goofy and fun, but most importantly they are not judgmental. In the end, it is the karma that permeates their concerts. It’s a bit like joy to be with them.

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