ReverbNation: Riley Biederer

Riley BiedererWelcome to DrunkenWerewolf’s ReverbNation column; a place where you’ll find the fruits of our labour following out partnership with the app and social media music goliath. Over the next three months, we’ll be scouring submissions through their website to bring a selection of the finest to your ears.

Signed to Rocket Management, Elton John’s agency in 2012, Riley Biederer is a singer songwriter taking her Georgia pop scene by storm. With her fingers in a multitude of pies, the 17 year old has already performed across the States to the delight of MTV and Rolling Stone, who recently championed her cover of Rihanna’s “Diamonds” online (see below).

You might think it odd for a predominantly indie music blog to be covering a backed pop star in the making, but Biederer’s hidden talent explains all. She injects her personality into everything she touches. With the image of a heartbreaker – rather than the heartbroken – on her side, she’s an empowering female musician that young girls and those in their mid 20s can look up to.

An infinitely cooler replacement for the fast falling Miley Cyrus, perhaps? Quoting Kelly Clarkson, Taylor Swift and Katie Perry, strong women with a history of commercial success as her influence, it seems Biederer’s direction is set. The pop genre couldn’t be more ready for her.

Watch Biederer performing “Diamonds” and listen to “Time Machine” below, and check out more of her own songs here. Find out more about Riley in the next issue of DrunkenWerewolf; subscribe here!


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