ReverbNation: GSlide

GSlideWelcome to DrunkenWerewolf’s ReverbNation column; a place where you’ll find the fruits of our labour following out partnership with the app and social media music goliath. Here are our final results.

Taking influence from their Irish and American heritage, GSlide blend rhythm and roots, blues and country music to form their own, special brand of road-worthy material.

Now based in Bridgeport, Pennsylvania, the quartet share vocal duties between Dara and Eimear Bradley, and it’s this close-knit harmonisation that brings their music to the fore. Like Buffalo Clover if they cut back on the whisky and spent some time in a log cabin, having the title of their debut album, Drink. Love. Rebellion. splattered across their chosen form of transport gives a good indication of what this band are about.

To find out more about GSlide, head over to their ReverbNation page here. You can hear lead song “Sweet Lunatic” below.


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