Premiere: No Violet impress with punctuated video for “Petty Child”

No VioletBristol band No Violet remained eerily silent for much of 2016, and now we know why - they were focusing on writing some damn fine post-punk songs. Having totally refreshed their catalogue of music online, upcoming single "Petty Child" stands at the fore of their new material, helping to prepare the band for an explosive 2017.

That's not to say it's a first time effort for the four-piece, who have a solid history of impressing audiences in Bristol and beyond with their grunge and no-wave inspired expansive clatter.

"I kept trying to work with [front woman] Ellie," says bassist Kerry, explaining how No Violet first got together two years ago. "I wanted to persuade her she needed a third guitarist in the band."

When they initially met, the quartet - including Ellie and Kerry, alongside drummer and guitarist Rhys and Kyle - were part of other bands, but they say as those projects fell by the wayside, they realised they had something special with No Violet: "It's kind of a little bit scary."

Kerry says their older songs are "still in the stash" but for now they're happy to focus on the future: "They’re still there. We still like the songs. We just wanted to put them out there within a context that we’re completely happy with."

"We were in that teething phase ourselves," Kyle goes on to explain of last year's silence, "between college, finding our feet, finding ourselves, finding what we were about... I think that once we decided 'okay, this is who we are, we’re going to work on a single and release it,' that’s when everything came down, went right and started to work."

'Started to work' is an understatement of "Petty Child", which is a warcry of a song that will resonate with anyone who likes the brash and angular instrumentation of the no wave scene and bands like Swans and - modern band reference alert - Islet, as much as it will charm fans of punk-grunge crossover bands like Sleater-Kinney (particularly during their One Beat era).

"Petty Child" is due for release on 10th April 2017 via iTunes, and launched with a show at Mr Wolf's in Bristol on 6th April 2017. Entry is £3-4 and according to Ellie, "The awesome and inspiring Dead Royalties are supporting." We'll be there too, so that's an added incentive to attend (as though you needed one).

...And the rest of the UK? The band have to-be-announced festivals lined up for the summer, but more immediately they'll play Cardiff's Buffalo Bar on 8th April 2017. More information on that show here.

The proof is in the post-punk pudding. Below we premiere No Violet's video for lynchpin track "Petty Child" in all of its kaleidoscope glory.


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