Premiere: riotous cover of “Sister Ray” from Milo’s Planes

Sister RayToday we're delighted to premiere a riotous cover of The Velvet Underground's "Sister Ray", courtesy of Bristol fuzz punk three-piece Milo's Planes. Due for release via seminal Bristol record label Howling Owl Records on 26th August 2016, the band are also set to play the label's 5th birthday party earlier that month.

"Sister Ray" was originally released by lo-fi king pins The Velvet Underground in 1968, and was again released by Joy Division in 1981. Milo's Planes may not have the international backing of their song peers, but they put their own boot print all over the song thanks to a shrieking guitar, out of control vocal and plenty of background noise.

The song comes alongside a homemade video that's equally as weird and wild and Milo's Planes cover.

Watch the video for "Sister Ray" below and find out more about Milo's Planes here.


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