Video: Post War Glamour Girls share strobing visuals of “Organ Donor”

Organ DonorLeeds post-punk quartet Post War Glamour Girls have shared a video for their new single, "Organ Donor".

The video for "Organ Donor" was made by Post War Glamour Girls' own Alice Scott and James Smith. It's the product of several sleepless nights staring at the glitchy, strobing visuals that accompany the track. The song itself is taken from the band’s upcoming third album Swan Songs.

Scott says of the video: "Organ Donor" is a CPU overload that managed to corrupt all the future number one hits I'd stashed away on my purring hard drive. James and I took a trip to techno town for a static splice education in pixilated rainbows and near copyright misses. (Turns out, after several YouTube uploads, it was our own song that flagged up a copyright issue!)- f u technology. I'm pretty sure, through the medium of strobe, I've forever burnt the heads of Post War into my retina. Worth it."

Smith adds: "It's a love song or at least as close as we're ever gonna get to one. I wrote the first verse after Alice told me about the Milgram authority experiments. Imagine that you're so in love you make yourself sick. You spend all your money trying to make yourself not sick. All you have left in the end is the love and that's enough, they can't ever tell you what to do with that. That's yours and you earned it. The second verse also continues my Leeds legacy lyrics with a nod to Hustler's Row in Meanwood. Musically, Ben blows me away on this one. He sounds like two drummers at once but apart from the tambourine at the end, there are no overdubs at all. Alice nails it with this Tusk-esque bassline, it sounds drunk and sticky. James Thorpe anchors the whole thing in with this gnarled guitar which sounds like brass cracking in outta space, such concise and considered playing. No bloat on this one, it's lean and mean."

Swan Songs is out 21st April 2017 on Hide & Seek Records.

Find out more about Post War Glamour Girls and watch "Organ Donor" below:


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