Oyinda streams “Restless” from her newly released EP Before The Fall

Oyinda streams "Restless" from her newly released EP Before The FallRising with uncontrollable speed, NYC’s Oyinda has been consistently teasing the world over the release of her debut EP Before The Fall. Sharing one track every few weeks for the past few months she has built an increasing amount of hype and anticipation around Before The Fall. Now, he debut EP has finally landed and with it comes the final track to be streamed, ”Restless”.

 Awash with the alluring vocals that have earned Oyinda critical acclaim from various publications, “Restless” showcases not only the vocal talent of Oyinda but also her intricate production. “Restless” is an ever-shifting canvas, the undulating textural elements of the music shifting to the tune of film music.

 Building every aspect of her music from the ground up, Oyinda’s self-produced EP is a testament to the sheer breadth of talent afforded to her. Before The Fall is at times cohesive and at others wide-ranging, but that’s the best part. Oyinda exercises great skill in never playing the same trick twice, and keeps each song fresh without ever losing the core sound that runs through the EP.

 "Before the Fall taught me a lot about myself,” explains Oyinda. “Each song explores the bittersweet aspects of experience. It marks the moment when I realized I had changed." 

Before The Fall is out now and can be purchased here.



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