Ones to Watch at Farmfest 2019

Farmfest 2019

In a day and age where small, non-corporate festivals are disappearing, how will the Farmfest team handle their audience in 2019? The Somerset-based event hit pause last year, coinciding with the disappearance of Blissfields and a scheduled break for Glastonbury. Weekend-long festivals 'over our way' have diminished of late and needless to say, Team DW is chomping at the bit to stay up until dawn in a sun bleached, cider soaked field.

As always Farmfest 2019's challenge is to convince a few thousand music fans it's worth investing in their homegrown affair. But with 13 years of success on their resume, this sports day pup is graduating to regionals.

There are plenty of pros before you get to the line-up: hog roast is the staple diet, local businesses speckle the camp sight and you can have a posh breakfast in Bruton before you go home. Then there's the music itself. The promoters have an eclectic taste - you're just as likely to find yourself listening to something that would never make it onto your home stereo as you are witness the next up and coming star. The penchant for new and undiscovered acts means Farmfest posters don't always pop, but take out word for it - you'll find something to love.

Need some convincing? Below are some of our must see acts at Farmfest 2019.

Heavy Lungs


Cousin Kula

Mystic Peach


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