Video: Oliver Wilde shares off-kilter “Klooker’s Feathered Trill”

Feathered TrillWith his new album Post-Frenz Container Buzz out now, Bristol's Oliver Wilde has shared the characteristically off-kilter video for his latest single, "Klooker's Feathered Trill".

Wilde rarely reveals the meaning of the cryptic, often exotic titles of his storytelling songs, but for his latest single, he’s made an exception. "Klooker’s Feathered Trill", which inadvertently nods to The Beatles’ White Album era, was inspired by a man Wilde met years ago while working as a handyman in a nursing home.

"His name was Jack Klooker and he became a great friend," recalls Wilde. “He’d worked as a banker during the war and led this extraordinary, opulent life. I used to go into the home on my days off just to hear his stories.

"It was Jack who exposed me to the power of a metaphor. One day he read me a poem that described frost as a feathered trill. It was an epiphany for me in my writing. A trill is a quivering sound like a violin played as though it’s fluttering. It has no connection to frost and yet it captures exactly how frost looks close up. The idea that sound could be used to describe something visual had such a profound effect on me that I had to pay tribute to him. The song, in fact, is more my interpretation of what it’s like to grow old. I mean, I’m only 27, so I’ve no idea. But I do know that this grand old man could wake up in the morning and not know his own name."

Post-Frenz Container Buzz is out now on Howling Owl Records.

Full tour dates can be found below:

May - 23rd @ Magnet, Liverpool w/t The Besnard Lakes // 24th @ Hug & Pint, Glasgow w/t The Besnard Lakes // 25th @ The Ruby Lounge, Manchester w/t The Besnard Lakes // 26th @ Brudenell Social Club (Games Room), Leeds w/t The Besnard Lakes // 27th @ Oslo, London w/t The Besnard Lakes // 29th @ Louisiana, Bristol w/t The Besnard Lakes // 30th @ Globe, Cardiff w/t The Besnard Lakes // 31st @ De Kreun, Kortrijk w/t The Besnard Lakes

July - 28th @ Farmfest, Bruton

Find out more about Oliver Wilde on his website and watch "Klooker's Feathered Trill" below.


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