Stream: Mystery Jets share slow paced indie rock of “Bubblegum”

Mystery JetsMuch loved indie rock band Mystery Jets have announced their new single, "Bubblegum". The second track to be released from current album Curve of the Earth, it's something of a slow paced affair.

The prog influences of previous albums can still be heard, but "Bubblegum" takes the sound and and strips it down to its basics. This is almost folk at times, a reflection of a bygone era when being a singer songwriter and playing rock music seemed less of a contradiction.

Curve of the Earth is the fifth album to be released by the band and has received widespread praise across the board. The album received Radio 1's Album of the Day, 6Music’s Album of the Day and Record of the Week at Absolute Radio. The record has also received four star reviews in Q Magazine, Metro, DIY Magazine and Sunday Express.

Producing the record themselves, Blaine Harrision, Will Rees, Kapil Trivedi and latest recruit, bassist Jack Flanagan found themselves rediscovering the gang mentality that had bound the band together at the start. This is the band's most personal and musically definitive record to date.

Rees explains some of the processes that lead to the album: "For us we've been through quite a lot in the last couple of years and there have been certain realisations that come with playing in a band  that has been together for over two decades, I think these songs have real feeling about them."

“Bubblegum” is released 25th March 2016 on Caroline International. Curve of the Earth is available now.

Find out more about Mystery Jets on their website and stream "Bubblegum" below:


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